10 Amazing Wheatgrass Powder Benefits

Wheatgrass Powder Benefits

What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is the nutrient rich young grass of the young wheat plant (Triticum Aestivum) grown for 7 days in tropical climates. Drinking the chlorophyll rich green Wheatgrass juice as a Naturopathic Medicine has been known in Naturopathy / Nature Cure for its therapeutic value since ancient times, especially to help in cancer treatment.

A wide range of health benefits have been attributed to wheatgrass as it contains more than 109 beneficial phyto nutrients such as chlorophyll, flavonoids, amino acids and vitamins C and E.

Wheatgrass Powder:

The original concept is about drinking the fresh Wheatgrass juice but it had limitations of shelf life and difficult in transporting to needy people far off places. That promoted Wheatgrass to be converted in to Powder which is easy to store and use anywhere, anytime by mixing with water to rehydrate and reform the green juice mixture that is nearest to the fresh Wheatgrass juice in taste and nutrition.

Nowadays Wheatgrass is being promoted in many forms like fresh juice, frozen juice, Wheatgrass tablets, Wheatgrass capsules, Wheatgrass powders, with compositions varying according to their production and promotion concept. Out of all these Wheatgrass in Powder form is the nearest to the original concept of Wheatgrass Juice and proven as the most convenient, economical and efficient format of acquiring the health benefits of Wheatgrass needy people worldwide.

In India, Girmes Wheatgrass is considered as the pioneers of Wheatgrass focussed on authentic promotion of Wheat Grass Powder with proper Naturopathic perspective since 1998.

Wheatgrass Powder is the best vegetarian source of more than 90 beneficial concentrated phyto nutrients, vitamins, minerals, 19 Amino acids including 9 EAA (essential amino acids), dietary fibre, which collectively makes it as the most versatile natural health food supplement that helps promote health and healing.

Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder:


Helps improve natural immune (resistance) system


purifies blood & flush out toxins. Those who drink Wheatgrass Powder regularly can feel the detox effect as it reduces stress, changes the smell of sweat and urine to normal, boosts energy level, makes you feel fresh and energetic full day.

3.Blood Related Diseases:

Helps increase Haemoglobin(RBC) count in the blood to normal. Highly beneficial in Anaemia, Leukaemia and Thalassemia.

4.Piles / Haemorrhoids:

The fibre in Wheatgrass Powder along with other nutrients helps control blood sugar, cholesterol level, constipation, acidity, ulcers, etc. Wheatgrass Powder helps cure Piles in one month when taken 3g mixed in warm water plus honey twice a day (preferably in morning and evening) half an hour before food.

5.Alkaline Food:

Help balance pH conditions towards neutral. Helps control Psoriasis.

6.Blood & Digestion:

Highly effective to help combat blood & digestion related diseases ranging from Constipation to Cancer such as Anaemia, Thalassemia, Leukaemia, Obesity, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Constipation, Acidity, Ulcers, Colitis, Arthritis, etc.

7.Sexual Health:

Helps men to increases libido, sperm count, virility, vitality & sexual performance.Helps women resolve reproductive health disorders, improve fertility and conceive.

8.Weight Loss:

Highly effective to combat obesity & achieve weight loss with diet plans. Best way is to have a glass of Wheatgrass Powder with honey one hour before lunch and dinner. This will reduce the hunger pangs, craving for food and supplements necessary nutrition.


Face pack of Wheatgrass Powder (1 tspPowder ½ tsp milk few drops of honey a pinch of turmeric) helps solve many skin related problems such as acne, black / white heads, freckles, skin tan / burn, wounds, eczema, etc.

10.Skin and Muscle Tone:

Helps increase the skin glow, fairness, reduces wrinkles, tones muscles and thereby helps enhance health and beauty from inside and outside.

Directions For Use:

  • Mix 1 spoon or 3g sachet of Wheatgrass Powder in a glass of warm water and drink on an empty stomach.
  • A few drops of honey may be added to enhance taste.
  • Increase powder quantity as per your body's acceptance.
  • Avoid any other food for half an hour before and after consumption (to help it absorb purely).
  • SAFE for children above 1 years of age, the elderly, infirm & women trying to conceive, during pregnancy and breast feeding.

To know more about the health benefits of wheatgrass powder, you can find the best Naturopathy doctors in Pune, right here at Chikitsa, who can guide you with the ideal consumption and intake of this health booster.