Understand the Benefits of Mint Leaves for Skin

mint leaves for skin

Mint popularly also known as ‘pudina’ in the Indian subcontinent is a flavorful herb that is often used to add freshness and a distinct flavor to food. It is a plant with small green leaves and is a part of the strong scented herbs genus.

Mint has many benefits; among them are several benefits for skin and hair as well. The mint leaves exude a refreshing aroma, which instantly adds a freshness to the food it is added to. So, if we use mint leaves for skin won’t it be a refreshing treatment for the skin too?Mint plant though small has a lot of medicinal and cosmetic uses.

We often find mint as an ingredient in creams, shampoos and other cosmetics we use. Mint leaves are rich in menthol and have anti-bacterial properties; hence it is ideal as an ingredient in moisturizers, cleansers, and toners.

Skin benefits from mint leaves

Mint leaves are rich in salicylic acid which is helpful in curing acne.It is one of the most economical and effective ways to keep skin healthy and beautiful. Boiling mint leaves in plain water till the quantity of water is half and straining it when cool can be used as a face toner. This refreshing and natural toner helps you get rid of acne while removing the excess oil to keep your skin fresh and clean. Mint leaves are a great source of menthol. Its anti-bacterial properties make it widely used as an ingredient in toners and astringents. Thus,mint leaves have multiple benefits for the skin.

We shall now discuss more of the beauty benefits of mint leaves for skin

1. Mint leaves for Acne:

Mint leaves can be used to cure pimples. One can simply grind some mint leaves with rose water and apply on the pimple affected area to get rid of them. You can also leave this pack overnight if pimples are severe. It is one of the most economical and result oriented home remedies to cure your pimple and acne problem. As the mint leaves have high salicylic acid they not only remove pimples but prevent their recurrence too.

2. Tightens Pores:

Making a paste of mint leaves and honey makes a great pack to tighten the pores and keep the face clean; it also removes excess oil making skin fresh and oil free.

3. Mint leaves for fairness:

Fresh mint leaves can be used to make a pack for face, it helps in lightening the skin tone. It is a great pack to achieve fair skin instantly. If your skin has become dull you can use this pack to fix the issue. Mint leaves paste or juice can also be used to treat dark circles and under eye puffiness. It instantly brightens the area making it look fresh.

4. Makes the Skin Smooth:

You can also make a scrub by combining oatmeal and mint juice, it not only removes the dead skin but also makes the skin smooth and fresh.

5. Reduces acne marks:

To get rid of nasty pimples and acne marks one can make a pack of fuller’s earth (Multani Matti), tomato juice, and mint leaves juice. This is found to be very effective in not only getting rid of pimples and acne but also helps in reducing the marks left by them. Another recipe would be combining sandalwood powder with mint juice; this pack is very effective against acne. Mint oil can also be used to reduce pimples. It not only heals them but also prevents recurrence.

6. Smoothens skin:

Another pack for the face using mint leaves, mung bean and curd helps in minimizing skin problems like pimples, blackheads and makes skin smooth and supple.

7. Minimizes open pores:

To minimize the open pores, mint leaves pack can be used. It helps not only in reducing pore size but also removes whiteheads and blackheads.

8. Soothes insect stings:

Using mint juice on insect bites helps to generate a cooling sensation on the affected area. Mint oil can also be applied to the skin; it acts as an insect repellant.

9. Controls sebaceous secretion:

A paste of mint leaves for the face can be made to control oil secretion. It keeps pores of skin clean thereby making it spotless and fresh.

10. Good for a facial dab:

You can also make a refreshing facial dab by putting mint juice in an ice tray and rubbing the mint cubes on the face. It removes the skin imperfections as mint is a great toner. These frozen mint cubes will not only refresh your face but will add a soothing minty fragrance.

11. Strengthens skin tissues:

The vitamin A in mint leaves help to strengthen the skin tissues and makes your skin oil free.

12. Anti-ageing:

Make a pack by combining mint leaves, egg white, and kaolin powder, whichis an excellent anti-aging facemask. It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and makes skin smooth and younger looking.

13. Hydrates cracked heels:

Another benefit of mint leaves for skin is hydrating cracked heels. To do so, make a paste of mint leaves and olive oil and apply it on your heels. It will soften, hydrate and heal your cracked heels.

14. Get rid of feet odor:

Did you know you can get rid of smelly feet with mint leaves? Well, it’s true. All you need to do is boil a few mint leaves in water and soak your feet in it. This helps to get rid of odor and dryness from your feet.

You often think of the aromatic qualities and the pleasant fragrance that mint leaves provide the moment you hear ‘mint’. But mint leaves help a lot in improving your skin condition altogether. Mint juice is an excellent skin purifier. It removes dark spots, brightens the skin tone, prevents wrinkles, cools and soothes the skin. The benefits of mint leaves for skin far outweigh than being considered just an aromatic herb alone. It also helps in treating other health problems like digestion, weight control, treating nausea, mouth freshener, etc. It is being used since time immemorial, so it is not just for topical application but can be consumed too without any side effects.