Anti-Ageing with Ayurveda

Isn’t this something we all wish? A youthful face and a glowing skin!

Anti – ageing treatments in Ayurveda are known as Rasayana Karma. Rasayana Karma is certainly not skin deep. It leaves you looking young, feeling fit and with an undying spirit.

Let us be realistic though. The process of ageing is natural and we as humans can do very little to alter natures designs. But we can certainly prevent premature ageing, avoid early degenerative changes of nerves and other tissues and maintain the spirit and energy that is required to make you look young and feel young!

Rasayana Karma involves the following aspects:

1. PanchakarmaTherapies:

A set of detoxification therapies to rid the body of all toxins is the first step in Rasyana Karma. These detox procedures are a course that can take about 4 to 15 days depending on your general health, body weight and other similar factors.

2. Internal medications:

Gooseberries, Long pepper, Indian Pennywort, Jivanti and many more such exotically wonderful drugs that form an integral part of Ayurveda Medicines are administered internally. These drugs are collected in a specific season, cleaned and processes in milk or ghee or jaggery to increase their efficacy, potency and absorbability. The right dose and the course duration is decided by the Physician after a thorough consultation.

3. Rejuvenating Therapies:

Abhyanga - Soothing massages with medicated oil/herbal paste. This helps tone the muscles and fights wrinkles

Dhara – pouring luke warm medicated oil/decoctions in a steady stream all over the body to relax you and rejuvenate you. A great treatment for hair care, Joint care, Skin care

PindaSweda – Smooth caressing massages with fresh herbal leaves or red rice paste which is processed in milk, oils and herbs and then bundled into a soft cotton cloth called pottali/pinda. This is highly effective in pain management, they are also used to prevent wrinkles and cure skin disorders like pigmentation.

Herbal face packs, Hair packs are also an essential part of Ayurvedic care.

Rasyana karma is not a luxury. Indulging in these is not an excuse to pamper yourself (not that one doesn’t deserve to be pampered!). It is the best way to prevent age related health concerns, cure problems that are already existing and most importantly build up your immunity and strength.