Doing The Ayurvedic Dosha Test For Correct Ayurvedic Treatment

ayurvedic dosha test

Ayurveda is one of the ancient and primitive ways of treatments offered to people. Considered as a holistic science of health, Ayurveda focuses on maintaining a complete balance between physical and mental wellbeing. It was mainly invented by the monks and ascetics who lived in the mountains and forests and used natural herbs and plants for treating disorders. It was much later that Ayurveda was given the status of medicinal science and today it is one of the most sought after treatment processes globally. Before giving a medicine in Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Dosha Test is done. This helps in ascertaining the real nature of the person and the problems he has.

The Working and Functioning of Ayurveda

The base of Ayurveda is laid on the principles of the three doshas. These doshas are nothing but the energies of which each individual is made up of. These doshas are responsible for carrying out and performing various kinds of physiological functions in the human body. There is specific ayurvedic body type of each individual and no two individuals are the same. Every individual has all the three doshas, but generally one or two are more dominant and prominent. The proportions of the doshas help in determining the personality and physiological attributes and traits along with general likes and dislikes of an individual. Ayurvedic medicine practitioners study the doshas of an individual and understand the composition and constitution of the person and prescribe medicines accordingly.

What are the Three Different Doshas in an Individual?

As mentioned earlier, humans are guided by three doshas. They are as follows:

1. Vata Dosha:

It is the energy which helps in controlling bodily functions, which are closely associated with motion. These include breathing, heart beating, blinking as well as blood circulation. When the Vata dosha remains in proper balance and order it leads to vitality and creativity. When this dosha goes out of balance it can produce anxiety and fear.

2. Kapha Dosha:

Kapha dosha is associated with water and earth elements. This dosha helps in lending solidity, cohesiveness, and structure to all beings. Watery energies of compassion and love are also embodied in this dosha. The main function of this dosha is keeping the cells and the whole system hydrated, moisturizing the skin, lubricating the joints, protecting the tissues and maintaining immunity. When this dosha remains in balance it comes as an expression of forgiveness and love. When it goes out of balance it can lead to envy and insecurity.

3. Pitta Dosha:

Closely aligned and associated with the fire element, pitta is a representation of the energy of transformation. However, in living organisms, pitta is mainly in liquid form and this is the reason that water is the secondary element. The main attribute of pitta is that it is neither stable nor mobile in nature. It has a quality of spreading like the flow of water in the direction which is dictated by the surface on which it is flowing or like the warmth of fire which spreads to the surroundings. Pitta is very closely related to understanding, intelligence, emotions, thoughts, experiences, digestion of foods etc. It also plays a pivotal part in governing metabolism and nutrition, regulating body temperature and developing understanding. When pitta dosha goes out of balance, it can lead to anger and development of ulcers.

Importance of Ayurvedic Dosha Test

If you want that Ayurveda should work for you, it is very important to understand the personal mind-body constitution. The effectiveness of the constitution is the basis of the treatment of individuals. The constitution of one person varies from another and hence the treatment modes are also different. There is the influence of all the three doshas in all human beings. However, the manifestation of the same is different in different people.

Taking the Ayurvedic dosha test will provide a hint about the ‘Prakriti’. This is actually the birth constitution of an individual which does not change all throughout life. This constitution is greatly dependent on the parents’ disposition and plays a crucial role in determining the main physical characteristics and attributes along with the emotional behavior of an individual. Once you know your ayurvedic type, you will be able to decide and figure out a lifestyle and diet which will be simply perfect for you. You will also be able to know about medicines and remedies which will work best for you.

Not only this, the Ayurvedic dosha test helps in understanding oneself better. One will know the reason why he is that way and about his ways of acting in particular situations. Once the doshas are known, try observing yourself closely so that you can develop a deep understanding and knowledge of your Prakriti. Nowadays, various kinds of online tests are done as ayurvedic dosha test. All the test results might not be 100% accurate, but you can at least get an idea. You might be identified with pitta kapha dosha, vata kapha dosha or might be a kapha person exclusively.

Uses of Ayurvedic Dosha Test

Once you know about your body type from the ayurvedic dosha test, you can make the necessary changes in your lifestyle and other habits for staying healthy and happy. Following the proper ayurvedic diet and lifestyle routine that is suitable for your mind/body constitution will ensure your overall wellbeing. There are health tips and suggestions for people of all doshas.

It is well known thing that all individuals are born with innate gifts and strengths. Not only this, they also have their own areas where are persistent challenges. By understanding the doshas, it is possible to focus on the weak as well as strong areas. It helps in recognizing the errors and imbalances at work and help in rectifying and correcting them. The doshas act as a kind of guide for improving self-awareness and opens out mind for offering support to self.

Ayurveda has great potential in healing from deep within and this is the reason that it has gained immense popularity all across the globe. Take the ayurvedic dosha test and understand your complete constitution for overall wellbeing.

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