Holistic Medicine Approach to Deal with Anxiety

As humans, we tend to react to a situation in a certain manner based on our primal instincts. We either fight or we flee in a normal situation and anxiety is one such reaction to a situation. However, anxiety if excessive and over board could be a cause for trouble and worry. When we say excessive anxiety, it means that there is an inappropriate state of feeling that is usually accompanied by fear, apprehension and uncertainty. One could be suffering from anxiety and might not be aware of it. There are various categories and types of anxiety and their treatment usually depends on the extent of sickness.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

While many would feel that anxiety is nothing to worry about, there are many diseases and problems, which fall under the purview of anxiety and are classified as below:

1. Separation anxiety disorder

2. Obsessive compulsive disorder

3. All kinds of phobias

4. Panic disorders and general anxiety disorder

5. Post traumatic disorders

Holistic Healing for You

Like is always said, before any one of us goes down the path of treatment, it is important to ensure clear diagnosis of the problem and fix the root cause. This applies even if you go for holistic treatment to treat your anxiety disorder.
  • First and foremost, accept you have a problem and it needs to be fixed. Coming out of denial is half the problem solved and addressed.
  • Second, know what kind of problem you are suffering from and approach to treat it accordingly.

How to Make it Work for You?

 1. Calm yourself down: Remember talking to yourself as a kid and playing on your own sometimes. Yes, talking to self helps ease the anxiety and calm one down. At a certain age, it might feel awkward, so go and talk to a counselor or a friend to express your fears and get them over with. It is important to talk and let out your inner fears to be able to address them.

2. Meditate: it is important to introspect and give your body, mind, and heart and soul time to evaluate itself, relax and breathe in the real sense. Sit down every day for a few hours and relax your body. Meditation is a great way to fight stress and anxiety related issues. If you are not sure on how to proceed with meditation, one can join classes for meditation and later start at home.

3. Exercise: One of the most important aspects to treat any problem is ensuring that one has a healthy body. It is important to ensure that one exercises well, and at least for 45 minutes every day. Exercise will help your body pump up the endorphins in the body and keep it thinking good thoughts.

4. Diet: The word diet does not mean you go on a controlled eating spree. It means one should add the good foods to one’s food intake that help keep the body calm and help it relax by detoxifying it every day. Small changes, as simple as that of introducing the herbal tea in your daily routine, along with including honey to your sugar intake.

5. Do what you like: Even though we are all busy living our lives like clockwork, make sure you take some time out each day to do what you love, like or enjoy. It does not have to be something big or out of the box, it can be something as simple as putting a nail polish, walk in the garden, watching your favorite TV series. Make sure it is a part of your daily routine.

These small changes can help you deal with anxiety by living and adopting a holistic medicine approach to deal with anxiety.