5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Ghee

Is a meal complete without ghee? Most of us will say no. Since ancient times, ghee was considered to be the most important part of every meal. It was the best accompaniment for dal and pickles for Indian families. Such ghee slowly got sidelined because it was considered to be bad for the heart due to its high-fat content. Health conscious and fitness freaks don’t even smell ghee for the feat of adding calories to their bodies.

But the reality will blow your mind off! Scientists and nutritionists are lauding this good old high energy food as the world’s healthiest food for its many healing properties. Consuming ghee in the right quantities can do a lot more good than you imagined. Starting from simple actions like keeping the skin supple and moisturised till the highly complex task of fighting cancer cells, ghee does it all. If you are not eating enough ghee in your meals, here are five reasons that goad you to consume it. Always know where to draw the line while consuming ghee. Too much can always be bad but a little every day will improve your health like no other health supplement.

1. Excellent for digestion – Many people still opine that ghee sits in the stomach for too long and cannot be digested easily. Unlike many other oils, ghee is rich in short chain fatty acids that provide energy and support the intestinal wall. Good bacteria that are present in our gut usually make their own ghee by producing short chain fatty acids. But when you supply the body with external edible ghee, imagine the support our intestines and stomach get. Fighting gastric disorders and constipation is now made easy with ghee.

2. Food for the mind and soul – Ghee is considered as a Sattvic food by ancient Ayurveda. Sattvic meaning something that has a positive influence on the body. Many studies on ghee concluded that it has a profound impact on the brain and drives away negative emotions. Ghee consuming people were found to be less prone to depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological diseases. Flushing toxins and removing unnecessary fat molecules from the body are the major tasks of ghee in the body.

3. Anti-cancer properties – Cancer is one disease the mankind is afraid of. Though preventing it is inevitable, curing cancers up to some extent is possible. However, medical experts agree that ghee consumption can lessen the risk of cancers especially those belonging to the stomach and gut. Physicians of the past used ghee based enemas to treat inflammation and disorders of the gastric system. Ghee was found to be producing killer cells that can kill disease causing cells thus also boosting immunity. Instead of gulping down supplements, how about a dollop of ghee every day in your meals? Tasty and functional too!

4. Moisturising skin – Dry and chapped lips, cracked heals and broken skin can all be treated effectively with ghee. Apply a layer on the wounded area just before you go to sleep and see how it gets treated easily. Yoga gurus who meditated for longer durations trusted ghee to heal their skin problems in extreme climatic conditions.

5. High energy and anti-allergic – Most of us are allergic to some food or the other. Peanuts, butter, almonds, lemons etc might cause food allergies in many. But ghee is the only food that is completely safe and healthy. One small serving of ghee in a day can boost your body’s energy levels to run throughout the day. Sportspersons must make ghee a part of their diet to meet their energy requirements.