Homeopathic Medicines For Hair Fall And Dandruff

Homeopathic medicine for hair fall and dandruff

Hair, also often called the crowning glory, plays a very important role in shaping the personality of any person, irrespective of the gender. Problems related to skin and hair is frequently linked to social awkwardness faced by such patients.

The homeopathic system of medicine has come a long way since its advent in the treatment of skin and hair complaints by virtue of its individualistic approach towards each case. It is being increasingly recognized by people globally and is now the world’s 2nd largest system of medicine (as declared by the World Health Organization).

Homeopathy has proved its effectiveness by providing consistent, visible and positive results not just in cases of skin and hair disorders but also in the treatment of other illnesses.

Hair fall or alopecia can occur due to a wide variety of causes. Dandruff itself is one of the leading causes of hair fall. Some causes of hair fall are

  • Mental or emotional stress
  • Trauma to the scalp such as cut wounds, burns or excessive pulling of hair
  • Skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.
  • Aging
  • Dietary deficiencies such as iron, proteins or lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet
  • Hormonal Causes – Hypothyroidism, PCOS, use of oral contraceptives or birth control pills
  • Trichotillomania – Pulling out of hair, it is a psychological disorder which often goes unrecognized
  • Drugs and medications such as chemotherapeutic agents, anti-epileptic drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-malarial medications, and lipid-lowering drugs

Homeopathic Medicines For Hair Fall And Dandruff

Unlike the myths that prevail, homeopathic medicines for hair fall and dandruff are no longer restricted to just sweet pills. Tremendous advancement can be seen in the homeopathic system of medicine for the management of scalp related disorders as these medicines are now also available for external application in the form of oils, lotions, ointments and tinctures along with internal dosages.

The utility of homeopathic medicines for hair fall and dandruff has been frequently proven, verified and supported by relevant research work being conducted in this area right from invention of the homeopathic system of medicine.

The table below mentions a list of some commonly used homeopathic medicines along with their origin and indications for their use.

Sr. No.
Homeopathic Medicine
Indications For Use

Arsenicum Album (Arsenic Trioxide)

Intolerable itching of the scalp.

Circular patches of bald spots on the scalp.

The scalp is rough, dry, sensitive and covered with scales (dandruff)

The scalp is sensitive to even combing.

Burning and itching of scalp, worse at night.

2.Graphites (Black lead)

Humid and itchy eruptions on the scalp with fetid odour from scalp.

Eruptions or boils on scalp with oozing out of sticky fluid.

Scalp dry and rough. Eruptions on scalp with burning type of pain.

3.Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate)

Dandruff and itching of scalp with bald spots on the scalp

Ring-worm affection of the scalp or beard with abundant scales.

4.Sepia (Inky Juice Of Cuttlefish)

Roots of hair are very sensitive. Hair falls out easily. 

Itching of scalp not relieved by scratching.

Offensive odour from skin and scalp.

Pimples on forehead near hair.

This homoeopathic remedy may be suitable for hair loss in females.

5.Alumina (Oxide of Aluminium)

Extreme dryness of skin and scalp.

Itching and numbness of scalp and falling out of hair.

Intolerable itching of scalp and skin especially from warmth of bed.

6.Flouricum Acidum (Hydrofluoric Acid)

Indicated in persons who are of old age or prematurely aged.

Hair fall and ulceration of the scalp. Severe itching of scalp.

7.Phosphoricum Acidum (Phosphoric Acid)

Useful in patients who are weak both physically as well as mentally.

Hair fall and graying of hair early in life. 

Indicated for people who complain for progressive thinning of hair.

Boils on scalp with discharge of offensive pus.

8.Phosphorus (Phosphorus)

Complaints of this remedy arise out of side effects of iodine and from excessive use of salt.

Itching of scalp and dandruff.

Hair falls out in large bunches.

9.Selenium (The Element Selenium)

Indicated in mentally and physically exhausted persons. This remedy is widely used for hair fall.

Dry, scaly eruptions of the scalp with itching.

Hair falls out from scalp, beard and eyebrows.

10Vinca Minor (Lesser Periwinkle)

This remedy is widely used for skin affections as well as plica polonica (a condition in which the hair shaft becomes entangled, often irreversibly forming a matted or a sticky mass). 
Spots on scalp oozing moisture.

Hair matted together. Irresistible desire to scratch.

Corrosive itching of scalp.

Scalp and skin is highly sensitive with redness and soreness. Eczema of head.

11.Oleander (Rose-Laurel)

This remedy is indicated for eruptions on the scalp.

Humid and fetid spots especially behind the ears and occipital region with red, rough herpetic spots in front.

Corrosive itching of forehead and edges of the hair, worse from heat.

The table above simply gives a brief idea about how Homoeopathy works based on the concept of individualization and remedies are prescribed solely on the basis of symptom similarity. Unlike the conventional system of medicine, Homoeopathy provides a tailor-made approach and treatment to patients based on individual signs and symptoms.

The homeopathic literature contains more than 100 remedies only for hair loss. These remedies have been proved several times and their effects have been repeatedly verified and supported by continuous research work. These, however, need to be differentiated, which can only be done by qualified homeopathic doctors on the basis of the signs and symptoms of cases which they receive.

Hair fall and dandruff are some of the commonest scalp related complaints faced by both men and women equally and also tend to affect the patient’s confidence levels. Patients with dandruff and hair fall troubles commonly complain of being conscious about their appearance and may experience low self-esteem.

Therefore, these troubles need to be treated with the help of an integrated approach including suitable homeopathic medicines along with advice regarding hair and scalp care and an appropriate diet which aims towards maintaining good hair health.


Dr. Himanshi Purohit

Dr. Himanshi is a Homeopathic consultant currently working as a lecturer in Post-graduate faculty of Homeopathy, Parul University, Vadodara.