The Forms & Styles of Yoga that Heals

Yoga, the ancient art of healing, has been popularized by modernization and globalization. This art that dates back to a period 3000 B.C., has been sent through ages by the Yog Gurus. This effective medicine if taken in the right form can cure the diseases in a single go. There are various forms and styles that cure the various problems and issues in the body. The first ever Yoga text written by Yog Patanjali has spread the culture of yoga to one and all. This effective presence of Yoga has indeed done great to the people living in the modern world.

The problems and issues facing the modern world involves a lifestyle that is undeniably bad for the body. Yoga heals such issues as well. With yoga, the body can master the art of living a healthy lifestyle inspite of the busy and hard life that the body actually deals with. So, yoga is indeed the master of livelihood for one and all. But, before performing the various styles of yoga, you should ideally know the various forms of yoga that have been popularized and, what they actually do.

The Therapeutic Form

The hatha yoga or therapeutic form of yoga is actually one ancient form of yoga that looks into the asana and the breathing forms of yoga. Pranayama, kundalini, asanas etc. all form a part of this form of yoga. This is a complete yoga system that keeps your mind and body one. It is a popular method of stress management. This is a great way to meditate. Obviously one has to bear in mind that they do not overdo it in any way.

The Flow Form

Vinyasa form of yoga introduces all the basic poses and, gives you the breathing movements too. It is an advanced version of surya namaskar which is basically saluting the sun in 12 yogasanas. In the flow form, flexibility is important. This is completely tedious for the physical part of your body. It helps best lose your weight and, allows your body to coordinate well.

The Iyengar Teachings

BKS Iyengar is the most famous tutor of yoga. He has written many books and come up with various means to teach this subject. His method has been followed by many people. He believes that you should not perform the asanas on the floor. You should have a mat or so to shield you from the floor. Props are very important to this tutor. Slow pace and perfection is one more way of teaching this yoga well.

The Bikram Way

Bikram Choudhary, an ace in yoga has also spread his teachings across the globe. He is renowned for his delicate yoga styles. A series of 26 styles is what forms the Bikram yoga. It tightens the muscles and shields your body from stress.

There are Other Founders and Forms of Yoga that Have Grown Popular in the Present Times :

  • ISHTA : This is basically a foundation dealing with hatha and tantric arts. A school that started in South Africa and has gained popularity across the globe
  • Ananda Yoga : In this form of yoga the energy flow is directed to the brains and the body is driven into meditation mode
  • Jivamukti Form : This is a complete physical and moral reforming of body. Meditation and vegetarianism are popular methods of following this form
  • Kali Ray Triyoga : The focus lies on pranayama and meditation for this form of yoga
  • Kripalu : The emotional and spiritual levels of the mind are controlled by Kripalu. The postures and meditation methods focus on this part of the mind
  • Kundalini : This method induces the spinal capacity. It actually flexes the abs and spinal cord and makes it better
  • Sivananda Yoga : This method includes dietary restrictions, postures, meditation, chanting mantras to soothe the mind etc. It is a spiritual level of yoga
  • The Lotus Form : White Lotus form of yoga deals with breathing and meditation
  • Restorative Form : This form deals with relaxing and stressing the muscles of the body
  • Svaroop Form : This is basically the healing and transforming form of yoga
  • Viniyoga : A very famous form of yoga that deals with recovering from surgeries and injuries
  • Power Form of Yoga : This is a complete physical form of yoga dealing with push ups, toe touch etc. This is a complete stress on your physical abilities

These are some of the powerful styles of yoga. There are many more too. Each style makes you powerful in a different way. You just need to choose the one that makes you most active and works well for your body and mind.