10 Hygiene Habits That You Should Follow In Your Daily Schedule

good hygiene habits

While bad hygiene can leave everyone looking at you and shaking their heads, with good hygienic habits you will be feeling fresh all day long. It does not matter what sex you are, just following good hygiene is bound to make a world of difference to your personality.

Some of the aspects wherein hygiene should be maintained are -


There is nothing worse than trying to talk with someone and your funky breath rendering the other person uncomfortable. To tackle bad breath, invest in a good electric toothbrush and before brushing always make it a point to floss the teeth. The tongue should always be brushed since germs can build-up on it causing bad breath.

Body Odor

If you do not emanate a lot of body odor then you could get away with showering every other day. Always bend over and scrub your feet. You need to knock off the dead skin and keep any odor away. If you are a known sweater then at the time of stepping out of the shower try switching the water on cold for a few minutes and then step out.

Preserve Natural Oils

It is also not good to wash your hair daily since it will strip away the natural oils. To acquire a fresh face without harming the skin or striping the oils you must wash it with honey instead of scrubbing with soap which tends to dry out the skin.

While Using the Washroom

Have you ever been to a third world country and noticed how they have holes in the ground for squatting over? It is very rare that there will be any toilet paper around these holes. The reason being is because when you squat like that there is nothing to wipe off. Americans generally do not do this but it is a method that eliminates a lot of problems.

Good Ole’ Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can keep everything feeling fresh and clean. Think about the time when a baby is getting its diaper changed and you use baby wipes to clean up. Adults can have this same experience, meaning using the wipes after having relieved themselves.

Prevent Chafing

Always make sure all the creases are thoroughly dried off otherwise the skin could start chaffing. Many people like to splash some baby powder on their body after showering. This should never be done since it dries out the skin way too bad.

Dousing Cologne

At times you might smell ripe. In such a situation try spraying cologne liberally once the undergarments are in place so that any nasty odors are sufficiently masked.

Sweaty Palms

If you have sweaty hands the last thing you want to do is shake hands with others. If you are going into a meeting slip into the bathroom real quick and use cool water to wash your hands. This will solve the problem for you.

A Clean Bed

Sometimes an acne breakout can be caused by your sheets and pillowcases. How often do you put fresh ones on the bed? At least once a week is the right answer to that one.


When you have eyebrows that need attention always pluck them or have a professional wax done. The last thing you would want to do is shave them and run the risk of gashing your face.