Surprising Benefits of Ear Piercing You Should Know

Surprising Benefits of Ear Piercing

Piercings in the ears are more than means to enhance your looks. It involves certain health benefits as well. Although piercings in the ears are common in women, a large section of men, too, pierce their ears. Here, you will come across the various benefits of ear piercing. You may have wondered that piercings are made only to make oneself more ornamental. However, you must know, the scientific reasons for piercing your ears. Read on to know more about the types of ear piercings and their benefits.

Types of piercing ear

Ear piercings can be of various types. Multiple piercing has turned out to be a popular fashion these days. You may be interested to know about ayurveda piercing, that has been practiced since ancient times. Have a look at the different types of ear piercings.

Helix Piercing

These piercings are made in the cartilage and are located along the upper ear. A small gauge piercing needle is used to make the piercing and it does not involve much pain, as no nerve endings are present in the area. In most of the cases, a barbell or captive bead ring is used in these areas, although you can use studs.

Forward Helix Piercing

The piercings are made in the helix area, but unlike helix piercings, they are made along the root of the helix. Although you can use a variety of jewelry in this area, studs are the most common ornaments used in the area.

Industrial Piercings

This is a pair of piercings, connected with a single piece of jewelry. One of the piercings is done in the forward-helix area and the other is made on the opposite side of the ear.

Snug Piercing

One of the most distinctive types of ear piercings, where the inner cartilage of the ear is pierced. In most of the cases, it is located close to the outer rim of the ear. It is located above the anti-tragus. As it is located in a shallow location, people use small jewelry in these areas.

Rook Piercing

Rook piercing is similar to snug piercing. It is done on the ridge that separates the inner and outer conch in the ear, above the tragus. You can use curved barbells or captive bead rings in this type of piercings.

Conch Piercing

This type of piercing may be of the inner or the outer varieties. You may also go for a conch piercing, that covers both these areas. The nomenclature of the piercing is such, due to its resemblance with the shells that are found on the ocean coasts.

Orbital Piercings

Orbital piercings involve two piercings, that are lined together, using a single piece of jewelry. These piercings are generally made in the helix or anti-helix area.

13 Never Knew Benefits of Ear Piercing

Apart from gaining a fashionable look, ear piercings come with various benefits for the health. You should know the science behind ear piercing. From ancient times, people across various cultures have pierced their ears to gain the health benefits. Here are the key benefits of ear piercing you should know.

Reproductive Health

Ear piercings have an impact on the reproductive health of an individual. Certain points are located on the lobes of the ears, which are important for maintaining the reproductive health of an individual. Having piercings in the right areas can enhance the reproductive health of the individual.

Health of the Brain

Piercings in the ears influence the health of the brains. Evidently, children are pierced at a young age. The meridian points located on the lobes of the ears connect the left hemisphere of the brain to the right. These areas of the brain are activated due to the piercings.

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Enhances Memory

An important scientific reason for ear piercing is that it enhances the memory in the individuals. As they have an impact on the health of the brain, the memory level is also influenced. Stimulating the meridian points through piercings fosters a healthy development of a brain and eventually enhances the memory.


According to Ayurveda, piercings in the ears helps to maintain a flow of energy in the body. This is why, both males and females get their ears pierced and wear earrings.

Relief From Pain

Wearing an earring in the left ear can relieve a woman of pain to a large extent. It is for this reason, that people often wear studs in the left ear.

Health of the Digestive System

The pressure points on the ears stimulate hunger. The piercings help in maintaining the digestive health of the individuals.

Female Vitality

The left side of the body is related to the vitality of the female reproductive organ. Getting a piercing in the left ear promotes the overall vitality of the body.

For Better Eyesight

The center of the ears has a direct connection with the vision in the eye. According to acupuncture, the pressure points stimulate good vision, directly benefitting the eyes.

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Pain-Free Childbirth

Piercings in the left ear relieve pain to a great extent during childbirth. It reduces the pain and makes the process easier.

Menstrual Pain

The piercings can reduce menstrual pain to a certain extent. It is for this reason that most of the women get their ears pierced.

Mental Power

Piercings in the ears enhance the blood circulation process in the body. It is necessary to ensure the transmission of blood to the brain in the right quantities. Optimum functioning of the brain results in a greater mental power.


Both boys and girls get their ears pierced for health benefits. The middle area of the ear influences the level of immunity in the body. It helps in dealing with problems like irregular menstruation.

Generating Sperm

In men, ear piercings help in generating more sperm. Males in various communities get their ears pierced. This is necessary for maintaining the reproductive health in men.

Ear piercings come with a wide range of benefits. It is for these benefits of ear piercing, that people from various communities, both males and females, get their ears pierced. The stimulation of the pressure points in the ears ensures a number of health benefits.