How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally At Home With Food And Exercises

Natural Ways to Improve Eyesight

You need no elaboration on why it is important to take care of your eyes. They are vital organs in the body and without the proper functioningof eyes life can never be complete or enjoyable. However, most people are not as careful about keeping eyes in good shape as they are mindful about other body organs. It does not need to master the rocket science to keep the eyes in proper condition. You can ensure the eyes remain in good condition by making some changes in lifestyle and diet. A few exercises can also be done for this.

Below Listed are The Natural Measures to Improve Your Eyesight:

You can basically adopt two measures to improve eyesight naturally and keep eyes functioning as expected. These are certain dietary changes and specific exercisesets.

Dietary Changes You Can Adapt to Improve Eye Health

It is important that you start eating foods and beverages containing certain nutrients and antioxidants that can be useful for enhancing eye sight.

1. Essential fatty acids:

Human body needs Essential fatty acids for better eyesight and various body functions but they cannot be produced automatically. So, you need to intake them through foods. You will need to intake foods containing Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids. These fatty acids help the nerve in your eyes function well and protect eye cells from deterioration. You need to eat foods like soya beans, leafy vegetables, walnuts, tofu, and cold water fish for Omega 3 fatty acids. In foods like grape seed and sunflower oil you get plenty of Omega 6 fatty acids.

2. Lutein:

This is one major antioxidant that can safeguard your eyes from free radical caused damages. This can be found in foods like broccoli, corn, lettuce and Spinach.

3. Astaxanthin:

This is fat soluble and the antioxidant is way stronger than vitamin E. Its intake can help diminish the risk of retinal detachments and cataract risks along with macular degeneration. You can find this antioxidant in ample amounts in foods like Shrimp, red peppers, lobster and carrots.

4. Amino acids:

The core of protein is important for overall body growth and eyesight. For protein, you have plenty of options. You can pick from animal meat source and fish. Vegetarians also can eat yogurt, citrus fruits, whey protein and milk. However, in taking some types of animal meat may not be suited for everyone. People with heart conditions and certain ailments should not intake red meat. Lean protein sources are deemed to be safer for most people.

5. Vitamins:

You need the B group of vitamins along with Vitamin C and E for staying healthy and they are also required for solid vision. Vitamins to enhance blood circulation to the eyes, improve night vision and nourish the eyes. You can eat plenty of green vegetables, citrus fruits, mango, carrots, spinach, parsley, melons, etc. Sometimes, you may benefit from in taking vitamin supplements. However, do not start in taking vitamin supplements without talking with a diet expert as excess vitamin intake can lead to side effects.

Eyesight Vitamins

Exercises to Try for Improving Vision

You can also try out some easy exercises to improve the condition of your eyes and vision. These exercises help you reduce the strain on the eyes. They can be done at home and you do not even need much devices and apparatus to try the exercises.

  • Palming exercise: This is very useful to offer relief to tired eyes. Rub both your palms together for some time. They will be warm and then close them over both eyes from a distance. This can be done a few times.

  • Scanning exercise: This is very basic but the effects can be felt. Stand at one corner of the room and then carefully observe everything that is there in the room. Stop when your eyes get strained. After a break, repeat the exercise. You will have to keep on breathing slowly as you do this exercise. It helps improve vision, flexibility.

  • Rolling exercise: You can do this simple exercise any time of the day. Look upwards and then roll both eyes in clockwise direction. Stop and then roll your eyes inthe opposite direction. Take a break and try this exercise for another few times.

  • Hydrotherapy: This is simple and you can try hydrotherapy a few times a week to improve eye conditions. Take a bowl of cold and hot water on the table. Take a few cotton balls and dip them in each of the bowls. Now, place the cold balls on your eyes for some time. Take them off and then place the wrap balls. Repeat the process for some time. Make sure the hot water is not very hot.

General Guidelines to Keep Eyes in Good Shape

Apart from including certain type of foods in diet and trying these exercises you may very well take care of your eyes in some other ways too.

  • It makes sense to use sunglasses when you go out even if it is not summer days. This helps protect your eyes from UBV radiation. You will also be able to safeguard eyes from dust and dirt to an extent by covering them with sun-glasses.

  • Refrain from using devices with bright screens like laptops, TVs, e-readers and smartphones for a long time. Yes, it is quite hard to stop using them altogether. But you can always reduce brightness and resort to using reading mode in some such devices for enhancing eye conditions. You can also take a break when working in front of the laptop or desktops for relieving tired eyes.

  • It makes sense to wear protective eye gears when you go for certain sports activities including those taking place underwater.

  • You need sleep for the rejuvenating overall body and it is also required for your eye health too. When you spend sleepless nights the effect is most evident in the eyes. So, ensure you get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep every day for keeping the eyes in top condition.