Alternative Treatment for Breast Cancer

The very word cancer sends a chill down our spine. We imagine the most drastic consequences and the end result are generally perceived to be death, which may or may not be the case. The will and resolve to survive cancer is as important as any treatment one intends to take to recover and be on the path to good health. While it is important to stick to one’s chemotherapy or any other allopathic treatment one is taking, it is equally important to ensure that one does everything to keep alternative treatment for breast cancer going. This will ensure that all efforts are focused on the path to a speedy recovery and maintain balance in the body.

Why is There a Need for Alternative Treatment for Breast Cancer?

Cancer is one disease, the treatment of which takes an excessive toll on the body in terms of its strength, will and inner abilities to stay fit and recover. It becomes important to ensure that your body is always ready for any kind of extreme treatment and your body, mind, heart are at all times ready to handle the external pressure if need be. There may be symptoms like fatigue, tiredness, lack of proper digestion to name just a simple few of these. It is important to clarify here, that alternative treatments do not refer to another form of treatment, but all treatments that can help one focus on one’s health and stay on track.

What are the Alternative and Complementary Treatments Available for Breast Cancer?

As one battles cancer, it is possible, there is a lot of fatigue in the body and there is need to stay healthy. Follow these simple treatments to keep yourself up for any challenges.

1. Exercise: While you might feel that your cancer treatment is taking a toll, it is also important to keep exercising to ensure your body is able to handle pressure and stress and is better equipped to deal with treatments. Exercising regularly will keep your body tight, muscles in their strength and the heart healthy and handle the effects of chemotherapy better.

2. Eat healthy: As is important to stay healthy, it is important to eat healthy. Your body needs all the energy and nutrients it can get. Eat more and more fruits and vegetables, avoid too much junk food or packaged food. Stick to the basics by eating more raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy products. All these will provide your body the much needed nutrients, vitamins and proteins make it stronger on the inside.

3. Stay off addictive stuff: While you exercise and eat healthy, it is equally important to ensure that one avoids all kinds of alcoholic drinks, smoke and any other materials that could be addictive. These tend to slower the body responses and make it weak on the inside. When battling cancer, you need your entire strength. 

4. Yoga and relaxation: Practice yoga to stretch your body and meditate to make your mind strong. Yoga will help one exercise the entire body and at the same time help one exercise all muscles in the body. Simple asanas done with focus on proper breathing can help strengthen the inner body and all muscles and bones will be able to get proper oxygen and air.

5. Homeopathy: While many debate the efficacy of homeopathy in treating cancer, it is noteworthy to mention that multitudes of people have in fact benefitted by this alternate form of medicine. For close to two decades, homeopathic medicine has been extensively used in treating various forms of cancer. In conjunction with radio and chemotherapy, homeo can help reduce the symptoms and side effects hence giving considerable relief to patients suffering from cancer.

While cancer makes one weak, desperation may take over. It is important to focus on one’s treatment and not lose focus. Don’t fall for any alternative treatment that may seem very lucrative, but are often false promises. Read more about all such treatments and talk to your doctor, before one should even intend to pursue them further.