Best Medical Tourism Companies

The world medical tourism market is segmented by type of healthcare (oncology, stomatology, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, orthopedic therapy, bariatric surgery, infertility treatment, ophthalmology, etc.) and geography (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, South America).

In 2021, the volume of the medical tourism market was estimated at $13.98 billion. It is expected that by 2028 it will reach $53.51 billion with an average annual growth rate of 21.1%.

Factors associated with the growth of medical tourism include:

  • Higher cost of healthcare in developed countries.
  • Availability of the latest technologies.
  • Increasing compliance with international quality standards.
  • High quality of service.
  • Advertising and marketing of medical tourism.

Medical tourists are driven by the desire to receive services abroad that are not offered at home, do not match the quality, or cost too much. For these reasons, dentistry, plastic surgery, and infertility treatment are currently in demand. The countries that attract the most foreign patients are Thailand, India, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Israel, Germany, France, Brazil, etc. At the same time, most countries recognize a particular "specialization": for example, hospitals in Singapore are known for stem cell therapy, Brazil is developing plastic surgery, and Barbados is treating infertility.

Companies engaged in the search and organization of treatment help to find high-quality healthcare and save the budget. Modern medical tourism platforms are the most popular alternative to the traditional way of organizing such trips. Next, we will talk about the best medical tourism companies abroad. Some work only in certain regions, some worldwide, and provide additional healthcare services.

Top of the best medical tourism companies

Here are some of the leading medical tourism companies in the world:



One of the new leading medical tourism providers in the World. It is focused on getting treatment for any patients. The company provides access to the best doctors and hospitals in the world, covers all medical areas, and offers the patient the best treatment option.

Ribau and Garner


Ribau and Garner, based in Paris, is one of Europe's leading medical tourism companies. Offering individual medical trips, the company works with an extensive network of hospitals and research institutes in France, Switzerland, and Spain and strives to connect patients with a medical expert within 24-48 hours. Available healthcare includes adult and pediatric cardiac surgery, oncology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecology and assisted reproduction, and plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery. In addition, the company's network allows it to offer innovative treatment methods and technologies, such as Proton therapy, DaVinci robotic surgery, Gamma Knife, CyberKnife radiosurgery, and linear accelerator radiation therapy.



GMTP has represented Greece's rehabilitation centers and hospitals since 2012. A team of experts joins forces to achieve the best results for each patient. Represents hospitals and rehabilitation centers worldwide for the organization of treatment of foreign patients.

GMTP supports those who cannot cover the costs of treatment. They help patients in difficult financial circumstances with financial assistance to protect the necessary healthcare with a payment plan or financial aid.

Praga Medica


Praga Medica is a recognized expert in treatment abroad and a leader in medical tourism for clients seeking healthcare outside their country due to cost, time, or availability. It organizes medical procedures with its partner hospitals, provides customer support and individual and highly personalized care, and coordinates trips. In addition, Praga Medica cooperates with the best, highly qualified, and accredited doctors and surgeons who speak the patient's native language.



Ariamedtur is a leading medical tourism company in Iran. This company provides medical tourism services for foreign patients worldwide. Ariamedtur cooperates with the world's most prestigious hospitals, specialists, and doctors. As a result, some hospitals and medical centers offer the best infrastructure, modern equipment, trained staff, and international hygiene and patient care standards.

Alphine Life Solutions


Alphine Life Solutions was founded in 1992. They have extensive experience providing quality services to medical tourists traveling to India from different parts of the world. The headquarters of Alphine Life Solution is located in Mumbai. The company has gone to great lengths, from a provider of medical services to one of the most famous medical tourism companies in India today.

How to find your medical tourism agency

The first step is to search for reputable medical tourism companies in the target countries via the Internet. Also, you can use social networks or search engines to find the best ones. After finding an agency and getting detailed information about it, you can read the reviews of previous clients about it.

AiroMedical is a patient-oriented organization specializing in providing patients with the latest technologies, from pre-treatment to postoperative care, such as pre-medical consultations, second opinions of oncologists, and meetings with JCI-accredited hospitals with specialized doctors.


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