Building Stamina Through Yoga

Yoga is a blessing to mankind – This is not an over-stretch but an understatement. We visit gym, learn martial arts or other forms of physical activity for health, however rule out the master of physical exercises –Hatha Yoga. This is primarily due to lack of awareness. It is a misconception that Yoga is to be used only by elders or those suffering from diseases. It should be embraced by everyone including athletes as this brings to the body stamina, vigor and peace of mind.

Yoga is perhaps the only physical discipline which ropes in smooth and supple body and calmness of mind from the initial stages itself. The movements appear free flowing like water and hence people think this does not help in stamina building. However, movements into a pose and retention of body in the pose requires strong muscular as well as support of the respiratory system.

To drive home this point, we would like to bring to your notice 5 Asanas that boost your stamina. These are best leaned through a teacher, however the benefits are listed for your understanding.

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) – this contracts the spine and thus stretches the abdomen region. Clears the residue air in the lungs and increases the air intake boosting the energy levels. The voice, skin clarity digestion all improve as a result of this asana.
  • Adhomukha Svanasana (downward facing dog pose) – this increases the blood flow to the brain and tones the muscular system from head to toes. This regulates flow of nutrients and makes the body less prone to fatigue
  • Dandasana (Stick pose) – very challenging pose, the armed forces use this for rapidly strengthening muscles and boosting stamina levels. It also builds the shape of the body and increases focus
  • Padmottanasana (lotus pose) – the best among the 5 presented here. This stretches the spine and works on the lung capacity. One also tends to stand erect through regular practice
  • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) – stretches the spine and increases the flow of blood. Directly reduces any minor deformities in mid and lower body region. This increases oxygen intake and builds tissues faster and thus builds stamina