Can Homeopathy Stave off H1N1? Myth or True!

Homeopathy stave off H1N1

Swine flu, also known as H1N1, can be either severe or acute. Its symptoms are quite similar to that of influenza. In 2009, the World Health Organization declared swine flu a pandemic, making this an illness to look out for. In most cases it has only mild symptoms and a person is capable of making a full recovery. There is no way, however, to predict whether the case will be mild, severe, or even deadly.

About Swine Flu

Swine Flu is a respiratory disease that is caused by the Type A influenza virus. When a person is in constant contact with pigs, they are at a greater risk of developing it. This disease is contagious and infectious; however, it can be treated. It transmits from one infected person to another either through bodily fluids or through droplets of mucus that come out of the mouth and nose at the time of sneezing.

Treatment Efforts

There have been numerous attempts to try and treat H1N1 virus. There are a number of alternative medicines that have been used, but homeopathy was found to be more effective than most. Unable to afford the expensive vaccines, the public has increasingly begun to turn to homeopathy as a treatment for swine flu.

Homeopathy – Useful Treatment for H1N1?

Relying completely on homeopathy and expecting to be cured instantly may not be smart. However, homeopathy does have advantages that have given it important status when treating swine flu. Studies show very little evidence to support that H1N1 can be treated by homeopathic medicines. However, it is a given fact that homeopathic medicines do improve a person’s immunity. Homeopathic medicines do not guarantee prevention of swine flu. If a person takes these pills, it does not mean he won’t be affected by H1N1, it just means that having a stronger immune system he is less likely to be affected by it.

The homeopathic drug Ars-Alb has been administered as a swine flu preventive and has been found to work for various other ailments as well. Most of these homeopathic drugs have anti-biotic, anti pyretic, analgesic and anti—inflammatory properties and this makes them very useful while preventing harm to one’s body.

Doctors in India who have successfully treated over 700 people diagnosed with swine flu felt that homeopathy can prevent and cure swine flu, without leaving any side effects. It has been found that homeopathic medications that were administered to flu patients showed a lower mortality rate as compared to allopathic medication. Two homeopathic remedies that showed results during the Spanish flu epidemic of1918 were Gelsemium and Bryonia.

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy works on the basis of symptoms and not the disease. They use a concept called Genus Epidemicus. This means they take the symptoms of any epidemic and try to find a common thread. Based on that, homeopaths provide different curative medication for different causes of swine flu

Hence, most homeopathic practitioners and doctors say it is possible to prevent swine flu with homeopathy. Homeopathic medication is extremely safe and do not have adverse effects. It is convenient for all ages and has been shown to yield results. Homeopathic medicines do seem to be paving the way toward treating swine flu.