Chewing Food Results In Faster Weight Loss

A study that was conducted showed that when people chewed each mouthful at least 40 times they consumed fewer calories. This implies that the more you chew your food the fewer calories you will stand to gain.

Some Of The Ways in Which Thorough Chewing Benefits Are -

Eating Less

When you slow down and take the time to thoroughly chew your food it means no more inhaling the particles in a hurry. It is going to take a full 20 minutes before your brain realizes that you are full. Not taking the time to chew often leads to overeating because it is quite some time before the brain sends the signal. By taking your time the brain will have sufficient time to send the message that you are full.


Many people think that digestion of food does not occur until it has reached the stomach. This is a false statement. When you are chewing the food digestion process is already underway. By chewing the food properly you are breaking it down so that it is easier to swallow and simpler for the saliva to break it down even more so that the stomach can finish digesting it. While you are chewing your brain is telling your stomach to start getting the acids ready so that the food can be properly broken down even more. When the food is not chewed enough then it cannot be properly digested and this might result in weight gain.


Every time food is inserted in the mouth it should be chewed a minimum of 35 times, but 50 times will really break it down. If you are like many people then you must be chewing only about 10 times before it is swallowed. Chew your food until it becomes mush and is unrecognizable in your mouth and then swallow it down.

If you are chewing and holding your cutlery then you will be in a hurry for the next bite. So after every bite put the cutlery back on the plate and concentrate on chewing the food up. This will also let the tongue enjoy each flavor.


Slowly chewing every mouthful of food gives the brain enough time to release histamine. This will help you fill up quicker which means you will be eating less. You will also be giving the hormones cholestokinnen, ghrelin, and leptin time to work which in turn will also help make you full.

Weight Loss

It is a proven fact that the slower you chew and the more times you chew the lesser the weight gain will be. Now if your plate is heaped with food you might be sitting there all night trying to eat it all. Instead of piling the food on the plate put about half of the amount that you normally do. The scales will start showing the melting within no time.

Exercise will help the weight to come off quicker, but if you just slow down and chew the weight will shed over time. This will keep you from overeating and the weight from piling on.