Chiropractic Therapy for Back Pain

Jim Dubel Chiropractic by planetc1, on Flickr
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Is that back, giving you a lot of pain and making your life miserable? Are you unable to complete day to day work due to that pain in your back that continuously makes you hit the bed and get some rest? It is probably due to the sedentary lifestyle we lead where there is no exercise and we sit all day in office seats and work. Chiropractic is a way and profession dedicated to the treatment of nervous, muscular and skeletal disorders by non-surgical treatments. It has been well established the chiropractic therapy works for lower back pain in more effective ways and manner than another body part.

How Does the Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain Work?

This way of treatment involves the use of weights to pull and push the affected part and treat it without any invasion of the human body. There are two ways a chiropractor would treat back pain ideally.

  • Manual or spinal manipulation: It involves the use of applying a thrust that is high velocity with short lever arm applied to the affected area or back vertebra. This thrust is said to reduce irritation in the nerves, improve functionality and improve the range of mobility in the back.
  • Mobilization: This refers to the use of exercises, slow and gradual increase in intensity to mobilize the muscles and joints to address the back pain issues.

Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic Treatment

There are pros and cons that are associated with all kinds of treatment. While the chiropractic therapy for back pain is noninvasive and does not recommend any extensive use of drugs.

    • Involves thorough investigation of the cause of treatment
    • It is safe and has no side effects as such since it does not have to open a body part or use any extreme measures to treat. It is based on the use of the right amount of weight and pressure.
    • Results can vary for every individual depending on their responsiveness. People should be willing to invest their time for treatment and follow protocol.
    • The cost of treatment is very reasonable and also since the aim is to fix the root cause instead of fixing just the pain. This reduces the costs of surgery.
    • No use of drugs or medicines that could impact the human body in any adverse manner

On the other hand, for some this treatment can prove to be a costly measure as it is not covered under medical insurance policies as they pay only for allopathic treatments, operations and cure.

  • Sometimes, the chiropractic might recommend the use of a machine or weight application to be done at home and the equipment could be costly to buy and use.
  • It takes time to show results and cannot be used on people older than 55 and pregnant women.

Given the changing scenario of world medicine, it is important to mention here that one should clearly evaluate the treatment and speak to a few people who have used the same treatment to know the proper procedure. Effectiveness of treatment can vary for every patient and one should give the required time to show results as expected.

This treatment focuses on proper and detailed diagnosis of the cause of the pain and to find the root cause of the pain and treat it. The focus of fixing the root cause makes this treatment a preferred way to choose it for its effectiveness. However, it is important to choose a trained and experienced professional doctor or else it could have an adverse impact on the back pain. Like any other treatment, make informed and smart choices and run the whole course of treatment to see the results.