DeBloat - The Yoga Way!

DeBloat - The yoga way

Ever experienced tummy bloating in summer? It is a common phenomenon that is seen in young adults especially in extreme weather conditions. In hot temperatures, we sweat a lot and our body’s metabolism slows down due to the lack of fluids. This in turn puts pressure on the digestive system to breakdown food slowly. When the food we eat sits in the stomach for a long time, gas is produced and we feel full and bloated. But this is nothing to worry about. Taking a simple diet and practicing a few yogasanas can do the trick in debloating your tummy. This is what you should do.

Wind-relieving pose (pawanamuktasana) – Bloating is nothing but gas trapped in the tummy. Ensure that you are alone while you practice this asana.

Lie on your back and bend both the knees to your chest. Pull your knees closer and rock your abdomen side to side. Then slowly bring your knees to the floor and relax. Repeat this atleast ten times to massage your abdomen and release all the gas. Don’t rush while doing this asana. Take time in bringing your knees closer and putting them back to the floor again.

Downward facing dog (Dhanurasana) – This asana is touted to be the most efficient in stretching belly muscles and releasing the trapped wind.

Come into a boat pose with lying on your belly, stretching your legs way up. Now bring your knees closer and hold them with your hands. Balance your body on the navel and not on the pelvis. Take five deep breaths and release slowly.

Spinal twist (Supta matsyendrasana) – Tummy bloating sometimes puts pressure on the spine too causing lower backaches. The spinal twist pose is the best remedy to free your tummy from gas and also relieve your spine from the aches. This asana is the best to provide relief from menstrual cramps.

Lie down flat on your back and hug your knees. Inhale. Drop your knees to the left, exhaling slowly. In the same position, turn your head and arm to the right and stay for up to ten breaths. Inhale and rest your legs and head. Now repeat on the other side too.

Child’s pose (Balasana) – A very basic yoga asana that stretches the spine and puts pressure on the belly to release wind.

Sit on your knees while spacing the legs. Lean forward and stretch your arms. Keeping your back straight, bend completely and touch your forehead to the floor. Stay for up to 5mins in the same pose. You can use a pillow to rest your head on the floor to prevent hurting.

Breathe in and out (Pranayama) – After practising the above asanas, it is advisable that you complete the routine with deep inhaling and exhaling. Sit in a padmasana and relax your body. Focus only on your breathing and let go of all the stress. Closing one nostril, inhale deeply. Now close the other nostril and exhale deeply. Repeat this for ten minutes to totally be free from bloating.

Apart from yoga asanas to treat stomach bloating in summer, you can also stick to a very simple diet consisting of fresh vegetables and hot soups to soothe your tummy. Avoid non-vegetarian spicy food that produces more gas. Consuming plenty of fluids will also be of great help.