Easy And Efficient Treatment Abroad With Booking Health

Easy And Efficient Treatment Abroad With Booking Health

Undergoing diagnostics or medical treatment abroad may seem difficult for patients without previous international experience. It also may be complicated for patients with a poor health condition to take care of all administrative and organizational issues. Medical tourism operator Booking Health provides foreign patients with all-inclusive assistance and maximal care. The international quality control certificate ISO 9001:2015 and independent reviews additionally confirm high standards of the company’s work.

Choosing The Physician And Healthcare Facility

Preparation for the medical treatment abroad starts from choosing the healthcare facility and treating physician. A choice may be hard, as there are over 2100 healthcare institutions in Germany. The following data will help to select the most appropriate exactly for you one:

  • Specialization of the hospital on your disease treatment.
  • Number of performed diagnostic and therapeutic programs.
  • Success rates (percentage of successful procedures).
  • Safety, complications rate, absence of nosocomial infections.
  • Research and scientific work, the possibility to take part in a relevant clinical trial.
  • Availability of innovative equipment (e.g. robotic systems).
  • Service of physicians.
  • Service of nurses, level of comfort during the inpatient treatment.
  • Price-quality ratio.

Depending on your priorities, medical advisors will pay maximal attention to the level of the hospital, access to clinical trials, or cost of services.

Controlling Updates Of The Information And Patients'™ Reviews

Before entering the medical booking system Booking Health, even best hospitals undergo a thorough check for compliance with the international medical care standards. These include an examination of the official documentation, personal visiting outpatient and inpatient departments, assessment of diagnostic units, etc.

Control examinations are performed regularly and consider all the updated information, like annual medical reports, changes in the technical equipment, and patients’ reviews. Those hospitals that do not meet the requirements anymore are removed from the website. Repeated assessment is possible in the future, after improving all the weak points.

Managing The Emergency Situations

New health information may appear during the initial examinations or first-line therapy. This is quite normal, as high-level German equipment provides doctors with more opportunities for precise diagnosis making. The problem is that in such a situation the patient may need to change the clinic to a more specialized one. The waiting period in the leading hospitals may last for 1-3 months, which is unacceptable for international patients.

Thanks to the preferential terms and personal arrangements, Booking Health patients receive medical services in a short time, avoiding long waiting lists. This allows doctors to respond quickly to the information received during the examination. In addition, Booking Health clients are protected with medical insurance against treatment complications.

Follow-up Tests And Further Treatment

In some cases, it is not possible to solve all the health issues during one visit to the clinic (e.g. when a patient needs two-stage surgical intervention or adjustment of the pharmacotherapy). That is why we always consider the possibility of maintenance treatment or rehabilitation in the chosen clinic. Clinics that offer follow-up tests or the next stage of the surgical treatment without being on the waiting list have a better rating.

Along with giving preference to the healthcare institutions that accompany a patient during all process of recovery, we also attach significance to follow-up communication with the treating physician. After returning home, our patients can receive distant consultations and send results of control examinations via the medical document management system E-doc.

Procedure Of Preparing To Treatment Abroad

Your first step is leaving the request with basic information via the medical booking system on the Booking Health website. You may use options Request callback, Send request or Sent request to the hospital. Sending the request it is better to describe in short your medical history, current complaints and aim of treatment abroad. Attaching the available medical reports or lab tests will be suitable as well. If a medical advisor needs to examine MRI or CT scans, he will give you the link to the medical document management system E-doc.

After receiving and exploring information in your request, a medical advisor with specialization in the relevant field will reach you by phone or via email. You may mention the preferred way of communication in advance. Receiving step-by-step guidance through all necessary procedures, you will undergo a medical program abroad with the maximum comfort and tranquility.