4 Best Exercises For Arthritis In knees

Exercises For Arthritis In Knee

Knee arthritis leads to gradual wearing of the knee joint thereby causing problems to lead a normal life. Same as arthritis in any part of the body knee arthritis too can be treated with proper care, medication, lifestyle, and exercises. Let us focus on exercises for arthritis in knees in this particular article.

What Is Arthritis In Knee?

Amongst 100s of arthritis, knee arthritis is one and is also the most common one and again in this arthritis of knee, the two most common kinds of knee arthritis are;

OA again is the most common kind and is a progressive situation in which the cartilage in the knee joint slowly wears away. It commonly happens following midlife.

Coming to RA is an inflammatory situation that can happen at any age. It affects the complete body and involves other joints and added symptoms. It’s an autoimmune illness.

Knee arthritis can even take place following a knee injury while post-traumatic arthritis can happen from a ligament injury, knee fracture, or torn meniscus.

Symptoms Of Arthritis In Knee

Symptoms may last for years together moreover, OA and RA can have identical symptoms however, there are few major differences such as;

  • A knee joint affected by arthritis is more inflamed and painful.
  • The pain gradually develops over time, however, the sudden beginning of pain cannot be ruled out.
  • The joint could swell and stiff thereby causing difficulties while straightening and bending.
  • Swelling and pain could be more in the morning, following resting or sitting.
  • Vigorous activity can flare up the pain.
  • Loose parts of cartilage and other tissue can inhibit the easy motion of joints. The knees can stick or lock while moving. It can click, creak, click or make a crushing noise.
  • Pain can lead to a feeling of fatigue or crumpling in the knee.
  • People also come across augmented joint pain during rainy weather.
  • Knee deformities and loss of space between the joints is common.

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Causes Of Arthritis On Knee

The cause(s) differ for each type of knee arthritis however, below are the causes;

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Other illnesses
  • Some kind of occupations and sports

Exercises For Arthritis In Knees

Here are the exercises for arthritis in knees;

1. Leg Raise (lying)

Lay flat on your back on the bed or floor and place your toes upwards. Now, slowly raise your leg and place it in the air till you count 5. Following this lay down your leg and repeat the same process for the other leg.

2. Hamstring Stretch (lying)

Lie on the bed or floor. Bend one leg until it touches the chest. Place firmly such a positioned leg by holding the thigh of it, now pull the next leg towards the head until you feel it is stretched. Hold the pulled leg for 60 seconds and lower your leg back.

3. Half-squat

Stand with your feet apart, stretch your shoulders forward and bend the knees until they are in a half-sitting posture. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and come to a normal position. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.

4. Leg Stretch

Sit on the floor and place your legs straight. Stabilize the body by placing hands on the floor on both sides near your hip. Slowly bend 1 knee until you feel it is stretched. Hold the leg in this position for 5 seconds and straighten it slowly. Repeat the process for another leg.

On the whole, this should take place for 2 legs 10 times each.

The above exercises may not so good as osteoarthritis knee exercises. Consult your doctor before you prefer them for knee osteoarthritis.

Arthritis In Knee Exercises To Avoid

  • Jogging and running
  • Weightlifting, particularly heavy loads, and deep squats
  • Sports that include sudden starting and stopping like tennis
  • Exercises and sports that consist of jumping, like plyometrics and basketball.

The above exercises will lead to increased condition so at any cost keep an eye on these exercises.

Precautions To Be Taken Before And After Exercise

Before you begin your exercises ensure there are no hindrances or obstacles that can cause harm to your knees. Focus on only such exercises that are lighter on your knees or the best method would be asking your doctor regarding this. Ensure you are hydrated sufficiently.

Coming to after exercising care make sure your knees get the required rest following the exercises. In case you notice any untoward pain reach your doctor at the earliest. Following your exercises if you sense mild pain give the knees proper rest until you feel ok.

Keep in mind all the pros and cons of exercises for arthritis in knees and accordingly plan your exercising.


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