Natural Proven Home Remedies To Quit Alcohol

home remedies to quit alcohol

Alcohol is a distilled drink that is made of fermented fruits, sugars, and grains. The alcohol global industry is a trillion dollar industry as alcohol is consumed all over the world. Most people drink alcohol socially and can control their intake of alcohol. But if people regularly start drinking large amounts of alcohol, they can get severely addicted to it. Alcohol dependence can cause mental and physical problems and it can even lead to death.

Alcoholism has destroyed homes, relationships, careers and lives of many individuals all over the world. Millions of people are alcohol addicts and it is very important to get these addicts into treatment and society needs to help these addicts get rid of their addiction. Addiction due to Alcohol can be due to many reasons.

Natural Home Remedies To Cure Addiction To Alcohol


A glass of grape juice is a great home remedy for alcohol addiction. Grapes are used for making alcoholic drinks like wine. Drinking a glass of grape juice instead of alcohol can tamp down the urge and give the satisfaction of having a drink. Grapes also flush out the toxins from the liver and reduce the chance of cancer.


Cereals are rich in fiber and maintain the blood sugar level and the water content in the body, reducing the urge to drink alcohol. This helps alcoholics as there are different types of cereal available in the market, alcoholics can buy these cereals at highly affordable prices and reduce craving for the alcohol.


Like grapes, other fruits also help in reducing the cravings for alcohol. Apples, oranges, pomegranates and other types of fruits help to maintain the blood sugar level and fight the urges to have a drink of alcohol. Fruit juices can be consumed as “drinks” when there are cravings to drink an alcoholic beverage. Another beverage that can substitute alcohol especially during cravings is Apple Juice which is easily available in the market by reputed brands.

Bitter Gourd

A great way to curb addiction to alcohol is to drink bitter gourd juice. Early in the morning if alcoholics drink bitter gourd juice, it removes harmful toxins from the body, repair the damaged liver cells and reduce alcoholism. Bitter gourd and its leaves can both be used in making this drink. Buttermilk can be added to this drink to make it more palatable and easier to drink.

Carrot Juice, Celery, and Vegetables

Many green leafy vegetables help maintain the blood sugar level and reduce the craving for alcohol. Carrot juice is a great home remedy to control the urge to drink alcohol and reduce the alcohol addiction. Another juice that helps to keep alcoholism at bay is celery juice. Celery juice is an antioxidant that clears toxins from the body that helps to repair the body to fight alcoholism. Carrot juice has many minerals that help addicts reduce the dependency on alcohol which in turn helps to treat alcohol addiction.

Dates and Nuts

Consuming dates naturally detoxifies the body. It is very easy to have dates in a variety of different ways for alcoholics. Just popping a few dates now and then is a great home remedy. Dates can also be soaked in warm water to make them softer and then blended into a milkshake. This drink is really tasty and helps reduce alcohol addiction. Nuts like raw almonds help fight this addiction as it improves the overall health and gives strength to the central nervous system. Dates have been consumed for thousands of years and historically this has been a proven a home remedy as they include tannins which detoxify the liver.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is an antioxidant and an antibody stimulator which improves the liver and the respiratory functions of the body. It is a popular home remedy that can fight alcoholism and repair the damage done to the body by alcohol. It is a major detoxifying solution and can repair the body by removing the toxins from the body.

Salami and Starchy Food

It is important to absorb the alcohol in the body by having a heavy diet. Salami absorbs a significant amount of alcohol in the body if it is consumed in a sandwich with thick crusty bread. Starchy food like bread, pasta, potato dishes, and other carbohydrates absorb the alcohol from the system at a faster rate and reduce the negative impact of alcohol on the body.


Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is a devastating illness for the addict and the people around the addict. Usually, rehab treatment, medication, AA meetings and taking the doctors help are all good solutions to this problem. While taking these treatments the above mentioned home remedies are also a way to make it just a little bit easier for alcohol addicts to overcome their addiction and maintain sobriety to lead a normal healthy life. Alcohol addiction can be cured by determination and by opting for the above-mentioned remedies.