Homeopathic Treatment For Depression

Homeopathic Treatment For Depression

Do you end up feeling sad and frustrated for every small issue? Do you find yourself in a position where everyone seems annoying and irritating? Do you feel like being alone, all by yourself and not socializing with others? Are these kind of feelings been a part of you for almost days now? If your answer is a yes for all these questions, then it is likely that you are suffering from anxiety and depression. While life has its own twists and turns which leads to emotional instability at times but, if these feelings repeat itself and takes a toll over your mental health then it definitely needs to be treated, before it gets worse

Studies have proved that people suffering from depression and anxiety often end up with low self esteem and self confidence that in turn forces them to get into a mode of inferiority. In most cases the signs of depression goes unnoticed in the initial stages. Unusual emotions, mood swings, short temper etc are just taken as a result of hectic work and strict deadlines. Even family members and friends start adjusting with these initial signs, which becomes a huge reason for the person to get into different stages of depression.

What causes depression?

There are different causes of depression. Different people react to the same situation in different ways and hence it isn't possible to categorize the causes for depression, However based on few studies the following three conditions are recognized as the main cause for depression in many people:

  • Neurotransmitters, a biochemical component that exists in the brain forms the main cause of depression. In some people the level of this bio-chemical is either too much or too less and such imbalance leads to depression.
  • Genetic factor could also pave way for depression. Studies on Gene-line mutation have proved that most of the habits and even illness are transferred to not just the immediate offspring but also succeeding offsprings.
  • Lastly, it is the happening in life that may lead an individual into depression. Death of loved ones, losing a job, loss in business, family issues, debts, insecurity in a relationship, loneliness, unforgiveness etc also pushes a person towards anxiety and depression. These if not treated at the right time may result in suicidal tendencies as well.

Homeopathy Treatment For Depression

Homeopathic medicines have helped several individuals, from years, to overcome depression successfully. The best part of using homeopathy medicines is that, unlike other medicines it does not have any side-effects or after effects. Homeopathic medicines provokes the constitution of the human body to balance its complete system during the improvement process. It treats the issue from the roots and tries to heal the complete body than just the disease in question. This is one reason why the consultants ask for a detailed history of the patients. They study and analyze the patients bodily changes and then prescribe medicines that will help them treat the concern fully.

Mentioned below are few medicines that are mostly prescribed in case of depression

  • Aurum Metallicm: This medicine is prescribed for those who suffer from suicidal tendencies and thoughts.
  • Ignatia Amara: Patients suffering from dull mood, severe mood swings, low self esteem, low self confidence, tearful, loneliness, non-socializing, being calm and composed(all by themselves), etc are advised to take this medicine.
  • Carcinocin and Natrum mur are medicines used in severe depression cases and for those that suffer from chronic ailments.

Please note: For better results its advised that such medicines should be taken under the physician's supervision.