3 Best Natural Hair Straightening Products

natural hair straightening products

Hair is a very delicate part of the human body. Although the type of hair on has is as a result of genetics, how we take care of it will determine its overall health condition. Many women get to straighten their hair using the heat treatment. Although it is good, overdoing it can result on your hair splitting or drying up. There are also a number of chemical methods which work well, but they too can serious ramifications if overused. Sometimes it is just healthy to allow your hair to just get to be in its natural state and breathe without having to choke on too heat or chemicals.

Currently, there are a number of natural beauty products to help keep your hair healthy. Therefore, straightening your hair naturally should not be a challenge with the following natural hair straightening products.

1. Straightening Brush

If you happen to be blessed with long and flowing hair, then you could make do with a nice straightening brush. They are available in different shapes, designs, and colors and you can pick the one that suits your preference. What is even better is that they are cheap and you can invest in a couple of them. You can get to use it on damp or dry hair and it will work flawlessly. Brushing your hair helps to spread it thus preventing it from sticking together. It further keeps it moisture free and helps prevent it from curling. In fact, they are best used with dryers that have the cold setting when drying the damp hair. Also, be gentle when brushing your hair to avoid splitting.

2. Jumbo Hair Rollers

A good product that will not cost you much is the hair rollers. For straightening your hair soon after having a shower, jumbo hair rollers will be the perfect trick. It is advisable to be used them on damp hair. Therefore after taking a shower, quickly dry the hair with a towel drier. Afterwards, you can use the jumbo rollers and wrap your damp hair over them for a couple of minutes. Plastic Jumbo rollers will offer the best straightening effect. Avoid wrapping too tight or too loose. Just give it a perfect and balanced wrap. Later on, you can use the straightening brush to achieve an even straighter feel.

3. Straightening Irons

Unlike the combination of a straightening brush and a dryer with cold settings, straightening irons allows for quick set up of the hair especially if you want to head out quickly. To achieve the perfect outcome, you need to set it to the lowest heat temperature. This will prevent you from damaging and over drying the hair.

The good thing about these types of hair irons is that most of them are very inexpensive and can be combined perfectly with other natural straightening methods such as buns, ponytail method or hair wrapping. Ensure to purchase a straightening iron that comfortably fits your needs. Always purchase them from authorized dealers since poor quality iron brushes can damage your hair. If unsure, always ask beforehand.