The Primeval Method of Resolving Pain Through Yoga

Yogasana, the ancient method of calming one’s mind and body has been revitalized in the present times. Many followers of this ancient art have been found in this age and time. Suddenly this ancient art has gained a certain value and importance. Yoga, a cure for every pain and every suffering, is indeed one of the best arts that ancient India could have given the people across the globe.

Did you know Yoga is formed of mudras and, each mudra specifically indicates a behaviour that can be cultivated! It is an ancient science of healing your own body and mind. Well, now comes the most important question of all times. Does yogasana really heal people as they claim? What kind of yogasana helps in curing people? Well, not every asana needs to be performed while trying to heal your own body. You need to perform certain specific styles to heal the body and calm the mind.

You could be one of those who switch on the computer to learn these styles which would be discussed to relieve pain. The ideal method of learning Yogasana is from a teacher who is well versed in this art. Of course videos help a lot but, when you encounter a person face to face, you would be able to learn how to flex and move your body to the moves of the asana. This way you would feel better and, in tune with the aasana. When you have someone to teach you personally, you would also learn better and, the pain is relieved earlier.

Surya Namaskar: The Aasana that Heals

Yog is a form of meditation. Surya Namaskar is a way to meditate to the Sun Lord. Every pose in this Namaskar eventually helps you relieve your body of all the pains. It is formed of 12 asanas in totality. Every asana flexes a certain muscle and loosens the other. Each of those 12 positions makes your body calm and, relieves it off the pain. If you perform this asana at least 5 times in the morning, you make your body completely fit and free from pain too. This is an ancient art that actually helps in maintaining bodily functions and regularizes it too.

For the Back Pain

As mentioned surya namaskar heals every single pain but, if you lack the patience to perform this asana every day, you could probably perform the asana dedicated towards back pain. The cobra aasana suits best for the people suffering from back pain. The way to perform this asana is as follows

  • All you have to do in this asana is lie on your stomach and rest your forehead on the floor
  • Bringing your legs together, press your foot tops to the floor
  • Lengthen your legs with your toes as in stretch it out
  • Now draw your elbows to your ribcage without using your arms. This is the best way to rid your back pain

For the Knee Pain

The knee pain is generally unbearable and, most people wish there was a solution to this pain. Well, the knee pain can be best resolved with the help of yogasana. The supported warrior yoga asana is indeed the best to way to cure your body of knee pain. The way to perform this yoga is as follows

  • First stand in an upright position and place your hands on the wall
  • Now place your right foot forward in such a way that the toes touch the wall and your hands feel as if they are pushing the wall
  • Now place your left foot behind you close to 3 foot. Now after 3 mins, during which you would be holding your breathe, bring back the left foot in position and hold your breathe
  • This cure would help your knee joints go stable and, become strong.

There are yoga asanas for every kind of pain. You just need to know the asana and make it your routine. It is a little difficult and painful in the first few times but, with a proper trainer you would be a pro at it in no time. You just need to find a natural way to heal your pains instead of fighting your body pains with pills that can cause all sorts of side effects.