Effectiveness of vitamin E oil for Scars and Abrasions

vitamin E oil for scars

Having scars is nothing improbable or impossible. All of us have developed scars on our body or face at some point in time or other. The reasons for the scars however might be drastically different from one another. The thing that is common in all this is that scar marks are ugly to look at and can leave permanent marks on the skin surface. Sometimes scar marks are on the face, hands, neck, and areas that remain exposed and look really ugly. In fact, these marks are quite bothersome. The ones that are concealed underclothes are not visible and might be ignored.

Getting Rid Of Scars In The Most Effective Manner

Scars can be caused by acne, by deep cuts and abrasions, like burn marks, post-surgery, as a deep wound, and as pregnancy stretch marks. While some of the scars are light and get removed over time; some scars are deep and solid and refuse to be removed. They leave a permanent impression on the skin and this looks quite ugly. For instance, many chickenpox scars just refuse to get removed.

People try various means and methods to get rid of scar marks. In fact, some of the treatments claim to remove the marks in a manner that you would not understand that a scar ever existed on the area. Among the various kinds of remedies that are tried, using vitamin E oil for scars is a common method. However, it is quite interesting to know that in spite of the great popularity of vitamin E oil or gel for treating scars, medical science has proved that there is actually no benefit of the oil on scars. Therefore there are mixed reactions now regarding the fact whether vitamin E is really useful for scars or not.

Vitamin E And Scars- Explaining The Functioning Of The Same

In spite of many negative reactions regarding the connection of vitamin E and oil, there are definitely some good qualities of vitamin E, which is good for overall skin health. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which is fat-soluble in nature. This ingredient is available in the market in the form of vitamin E capsules or vitamin E oil. When vitamin E oil is applied to the skin, the oil automatically gets absorbed into the deepest skin layers. The antioxidants present in the oil help in restricting the free radicals, which have immense damaging effects on the skin. The result is that the wounds fail to heal properly. The total healing process is jeopardized by the free radicals. Vitamin E oil is naturally occurring and is non-enzymatic in nature and easily soluble in lipids. With high anti-inflammatory properties, the oil helps in excellent skin nourishment from deep within.

How vitamin E Can Be Used For Scars?

There are two ways in which vitamin E can be used for scars. They are as follows;

Oral Treatment

There are people who are extremely busy and cannot invest time in scar lighting and removal. Vitamin E soft gels are available in capsule form and these can be taken orally for augmenting the process of scar removal. People can pop in the capsules on the go and gain benefits from the same.

Topical treatment

Pure Vitamin E oil when applied to the scar directly can help greatly in lightening the scars and also removing them. Vitamin E oil and vitamin E capsules are readily available at a local pharmacy. Apply vitamin E oil to the scars directly. The best time to do the same is during the night. Along with being a source for scar removal, vitamin E is also a great moisturizer. While using vitamin E oil, it is recommended not to use any kind of mineral oil as it might lead to clogging of skin pores and cause pimples and acne breakouts. The chances of such problems are more if one has acne-prone skin. If you are looking for really great results, think of combining vitamin C and vitamin E. This combination helps in providing natural protection from the harsh rays of the sun. Many creams and gels that claim to remove scars permanently contain vitamin E oil.

Can Acne Scars Be Combated With vitamin E?

It depends on the severity and the depth of the acne scars which decide whether vitamin E oil will be helpful for the same or not. There are different kinds of scars caused by acne including ice pick, rolling, thickened scars, open pores, boxcar, etc.

Basically, vitamin E works as an excellent treatment for healing the main structure of the skin. Almost all topical acne scar treatments contain vitamin E. The skin texture is improved drastically with the regular application of pure vitamin E oil. The process of cell regeneration is accelerated with the help of vitamin E oil and therefore scars on legs or scars after surgery get healed quicker and in a better manner. Many people think that vitamin E oil works like magic on the scars. Initially, the scar marks will start to lighten and then they will be completely removed over a period of time. No immediate results should be expected from vitamin E oil for scar removal.

Vitamin E Might Not Be Suitable For All Skin Types

It is true that large numbers of people apply vitamin E oil on their scars and cut marks to remove the impression of the same. While for some people the oil might bring in great results, for some others, no results might be seen. In fact, many people have complained of negative effects from the application of the oil. This is because the oil might not have suited the skin type of the individual. One has to first understand the skin's reaction to vitamin E oil and then apply the same.

Even if vitamin E oil does not prove to be highly effective for removing scars and marks from your skin, you can always use the same for skin moisturization and skin nourishment. You can flaunt a bright and beautiful complexion with the regular application of vitamin E oil.