Yoga Asanas to Reduce Your Tummy

Yoga Asanas to reduce your tummy

We are living with a totally hectic and chaotic lifestyle with a lot of pressure on us from all frontiers - domestic, official, and social. And, you can be sure when such a hectic lifestyle is involved it would definitely not be a healthy one.

Our terrible lifestyle, indulging in all sorts of junk food, and a sedentary routine with no sort of exercise, whatsoever, gives you a round flabby tummy within no time. And, they say, the wider your tummy the more risk you run - oh, of so many health issues - a cardiac attack, blood pressure, diabetes, or thyroid. The more the flab, the more the risk of being exposed to all sorts of diseases.An unhealthy body will take you knocking straight to Death's door.

Only a strict fitness regimen and a good diet will put you back on track. But, some people do not like to sweat it out - just the mention of the word 'exercise' brings out sweat to their face! For such people, only yoga is the best option - it can help you reduce weight and control the body and soul without sweating too much. One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it not only helps you lose flab but it also gives you mental peace and tranquility.

It is possible that you might have tried many types of exercise without any results; or it is possible that you might have left off midway. Let us get one thing straight - there are no shortcuts to get rid of that belly of yours. It is very easy to develop a belly - but believe us when we tell you - it is a lot more difficult losing it. But, lose you must if would like to lead a healthy life. We will show you how to use yoga to reduce your tummy.

And, a good fitness routine is just not enough. It should be combined with a proper diet which can help you reduce. We can say without any reservations that yoga is the complete solution to any health issue. As precaution is definitely better than cure, it is better to maintain your health. So, start practicing yoga regularly to reduce your tummy and it will keep you absolutely fit. Studies have shown that yoga increases body energy levels and considerably improves your immunity levels. Pranayama not only burns fat but it also strengthens your muscles. It also improves oxygen supply to the body cells and stimulates metabolism.

Yoga is simple, easy, effective, and definitely not as strenuous as conventional exercises. Here are a few yoga asanas or exercises to help reduce your tummy and flab.

1. Yoga Warrior pose - 1: This posture tightens your muscles and also tones your legs and strengthens your body.

2. Yoga Warrior pose - 2: This pose stretches the abdominal muscles and is very effective in losing fat.

3. Yoga Chair pose: This pose helps in toning down your thighs and melts the fat from your tummy.

4. Boat pose: This pose increases your stamina while it removes your tummy fat. It also strengthens of the body.

5. Yoga Bridge pose: This pose strengthens the back muscles while it stretches the chest, neck, and spine. It also helps digestion and reduces asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis.

6. Yoga Cobbler's pose: This pose improves flexibility and strengthens the groin, knees, and inner thighs. It improves the functioning of all the organs in the body.

7. Yoga Locust pose: It strengthens the muscles of the back and improves its flexibility. It also strengthens the shoulders and arms, improves digestion, and gives relief from lower back pain and sciatica.

8. Yoga Camel pose: This is a yoga pose that has multifarious benefits. It reduces the fat of your thighs and strengthens your shoulders and back. It improves posture, digestion, and tones organs of the abdomen, pelvis, and neck. It stimulates the endocrine glands and improves flexibility of the spine.

9. Kapalbhati Pranayama: This pranayama removes air and carbon dioxide from the lungs and helps in losing tummy fast quickly.

10. Ardha Halasana: It cures stomach disorders, improves digestion and builds up appetite. It tones the thigh muscles, hip muscles, and abdominal muscles.

11. Bhujangasana: This pose cures stomach disorders and constipation. It helps lose belly fat quickly while it also removes stress.

12. Dhanurasana: This pose strengthens all the abdominal organs, ankles, thighs, groin, chest, and spinal cord. It gives flexibility to the back and helps in losing tummy fat fast.

13. Halasana: This pose improves blood circulation to the brain and releases stress and anxiety. It improves flexibility of the spine, strengthens the muscles of the back, and strengthens the organs of the digestive and reproductive system.

14. Naukasana: It reduces belly fat and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen.

If you are really interested in losing your tummy fat fast, start doing some of these yoga asanas, and within no time you will find that you have lost all your belly fat. The next step would be to go in for a six pack!!

Are you ready for that?