Your First Acupuncture Visit - What to Expect?

Your First Acupuncture Visit

Acupuncture is an age-old therapeutic solution to help people relieve their stress. It also addresses a number of physical problems as well and is claimed to have long-time benefits on the persons undergoing this therapy. The acupuncturists are trained and skilled persons. They are like expert healthcare professionals only resorting to a different method of healing your physical problems.

Acupuncture and Pain

Most of us flinch at the idea of undergoing acupuncture treatment in fear of pain. It would be extremely painful as too many needles will be inserted all over the body; we think that way. I want to assure all of you that it is 10 times less painful than eyebrow plucking or waxing. Contrary to popular belief, you will feel negligible pain or no pain at all in times of needle insertion. The acupuncturists know it exactly how and where to insert the needles in order to make the patients feel comfortable as much as possible.

Benefits of Acupuncture

This age-old healing technique not only soothes your mind but also steps up internal production of some natural painkillers and feel-good substances in body. It calms down our nervous system. In today’s jet-set age, we are often encircled by heavy stress and anxiety resulting from too much day-to-day work pressure and challenges. All negative feeling can be reduced or eliminated by changing the chemistry in brain, which is effectively addressed by acupuncture. Our body has ability to control brain chemistry and this natural process can be boosted up with help of the acupuncture method of healing.

Acupuncture and Spa – Not Synonymous with Each Other

It is a wrong conception to talk about acupuncture and spa with the same breath just because both are claimed to relax one’s body and mind. Spa treatments involve massaging body whereas acupuncture requires needle insertion. Just because some acupuncture practitioners offer the treatment by a spa, it does not make both equal. Spa treatment is more related to beauty therapy though its power of making one feel relaxed and calm cannot be ignored. However, acupuncture is a medical treatment and aimed at offering solutions for pains and other physical problems. Though it is relaxing, the primary objective is to address the medical issues like muscle tension, troubles in nervous system and dermatological problems.

Share Details with Your Acupuncturist

Each specialist acupuncturist has his own style. Most of them often use a style that finely blends both eastern and western approaches. You must not hide anything from your acupuncturist. Get down to every crucial and even minor detail with your specialist. Many acupuncturists require their patients to fill up a form where you have to mention your medical history as well as the particular areas to be addressed. There is no use of being shy. Tell him exactly what you want as that will make treatment more effective and accelerate your recovery.

An acupuncturist is, truly speaking, a doctor. The person may ask you about symptoms, behaviors and even your lifestyle. He may closely examine the followings:

  • Painful parts of your body
  • Shape, color and coating of your tongue
  • Rhythm, quality and strength of pulse
  • Color or your face

Primary checking may take up around 1 hour. Usually, such treatment involves one or two treatments every week. Number of sitting, however, depends on the condition of the patient though six-eight visits are very common.

Working Procedure

The specialist use tiny needles in order to access multiple channels running through the body, thus giving a strong boost to specific points seated on different channels. All these channels are intimately linked to different crucial points in our body. After you visit your acupuncturist and tell him about your problems, the person will work out a plan in order to identify the particular areas to be addressed. He will insert 10-20 needless in your body and leave you for 20-30 minutes during which, you will feel completely relaxed while the healing method will weave its magic.

Sometimes the points of acupuncture are far away from the area of problems. The practitioner will detail about the planned treatment. You may be asked to remove clothing and slip into a towel, gown or sheet. The patients are to lay on a padded table for treatment. The entire process can be broken into three following segments:

  • Needle Insertion
  • Needle Manipulation
  • Needle Removal

Not all people respond to acupuncture in the same way. If you don’t find any remarkable improvement or no improvement on your pain and problems in few weeks, this treatment is not for you. lets you get in touch with the best acupuncture doctors in Hyderabad for the best acupuncture therapies. You can check their profiles and call them directly for appointments.