Acupuncture for Migraine

Acupuncture for Migraine

Acupuncture – Can it Help?

Acupuncture is one of the alternative and complementary medical sciences. This is obtained from the Chinese medical treatment. There are acupuncture points in the body and this treatment involves inserting the needles at these points to treat the ailment and pain. The needles used are gently inserted and they are carefully maintained.


Acupuncture and Prevention of Attacks:

When you opt for the acupuncture treatment for your migraine headaches, the acupuncturist will decide if you need prevention between the attacks or a treatment for the attacks. The SES acupuncture is offered as treatment for most of the cases. The SES treatment is offered when the patient is in the sitting posture and as the treatment the needles that are fine, are gently inserted into the various body parts. The needles are entered shallowly. The chosen parts are the legs and forearms. While the patients exhale, the needles are inserted inside and pulled back. The migraine pain is related to the dilation of the blood flow throughout the body’s blood vessel and your acupuncturist will decide the treatment based on the nature of your body and the pain.

Acupuncture for Migraine The Treatment:

When you want to get the treatment of acupuncture while you have the migraine attacks, the needles are inserted all over the acupuncture points of the body. This is a typical treatment for migraine attacks. The needles are then pushed backward and front. The blood vessels are made to dilate when the needles are pushed. As a result blood flow is enhanced in the body all over. The treatment also has a varied opinion if needed and may not insert the needles in the head and the back of the neck, as the migraine pain is always connected to the dilated blood vessel in the head. If this is done, then the pain may also get worse.

Research in US and UK:

A research conducted in UK in 2004, acupuncture proved to be helpful for migraines. Patients who opted for the acupuncture over the other medical help, suffered less, visited the doctor less, had a fewer attacks.

In US, trials proved that sham acupuncture and regular acupuncture proved to be effective on migraines. Also, two groups of women went through a trial. The group which went through acupuncture treatment had good results compared with the others who received the other medical treatments.


If you are scared of the needles over the migraines pains, then you need to be cautious about a few things to get effective results,

  • Go for the licensed and certified acupuncturist. Only a well-qualified acupuncturist can deliver good results. Also, try to get recommendation when you choose an acupuncturist.
  • Ask about the needle sterilization process to the acupuncturist
  • There are magnetic needles, ear cups and herbal methods too. If you are too scared of the needles, you can ask about them.
  • Explain to the acupuncturist in detail about your ailment.