Benefits of Yams For Weight Loss

benefits of yams for weight loss

Eating just 157 calories of yams in a day is an excellent way to lose that extra pound of weight. This has been established by studies carried out over the past years. The yams are known to have a vast amount of vitamin B-6 and Potassium, Vitamin C and fiber. The natural fiber that is found in these yams has been termed as a perfect substance that assists in the slowing down of sugar metabolism by an individual’s body. This tends to keep a person satisfied in-between the meals. Yams can be prepared using different recipes which ensures the perfect reaping of its benefits in losing weight. We are going to look at the benefits of yams for weight loss in this article.

Are Yams Good For Weight Loss?

The fact that yams contain large amounts of nutrients is a good answer to this question in that this makes them a perfect food when it comes to the loss of extra weight. So the answer is definitely, yes. Yams are used to fill the stomach which keeps you away from eating other foods often for it entirely makes sure you are always satisfied.

Yams being healthy should always be included in the person’s daily meals as they try to shed off that extra pound. Meals that contain yams such as filling soups should be always ready to be used as the main course of any meal may it be lunch or dinner. They assist in making sure that your stomach is ever full before you take any other food that can be considered to be adding your weight.

Ensuring that you eat yams daily in your meals is a perfect way of keeping the number of calories taken minimal. This way a person trying to shed off extra weight is kept away from foods that have high fat and are low in fiber. Yams provide the same amount of food to keep you satisfied while making sure that you have the perfect high amount of fiber. Doing this daily will see you eat less minimizing the number of calories taken which in turn helps you to lose that extra weight. Basically, yams are a savior in making sure that they minimize the calories you take to the required amount, increase the fiber content in your meals, and give you that delicate flavor to substitute that of other foods.

Benefits of Yams For Weight Loss

What really makes yams to be considered as a good food when it comes to the loss of weight is its high content of

  • The good carbohydrate which is also known as the complex carbohydrate at 95%.
  • Proteins at 4%.
  • Fat at 1%.
  • Its perfect glycemic index (this index is the measure of how the food which is eaten is converted into sugar, and if the sugar is accumulated to health-threatening levels which can be considered risky and beyond the normal healthy levels in the body).
  • Incorporating yams in vegetable meals/sauces makes it more perfect when it comes to the loss of that extra pound of weight. This way too you tend to stay satisfied for long before you grab your next meal. This can take up to 4 hours before the pangs of eating again attack you.
  • The best way for an individual trying to shed some extra weight pounds off, eating boiled or baked yams is the best way to ensure all this. When the yams are baked or boiled they contain the required and non-risky to the body amount of calories that is 158 calories per cup.
  • Ensure to grab yams in the morning for your breakfast as this is a sure way to burn energy when your body metabolism is still that active. The glycemic index of yams is low which makes it so perfect when it comes to weight loss despite the fact that it contains high amounts of carbohydrates. This is a sure way to keep your worries at bay about the calories being released to your body after eating yams.

From all the above, it can be concluded that eating yams which are rich in nutrients plus other health benefits, makes it one of the best and healthy foods a person trying to cut weight can hinge on.

Yam recipes for weight loss include boiling, baking them using an oven, and making them as filling soups which can be eaten alone or with other vegetables. You can make them the centerpiece of your lunch or dinner aways.

Potato or Sweet Potatoes for weight loss the results have not been that clear in this comparison. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to weight loss. This will then be left to an individual’s taste and preference. To ensure you reap the desired benefits from the two, stick to the recommended and healthy intake amounts. Sometimes the choice is determined by the health conditions that may be affecting the individual who seeks to shed off some extra weight, for example, diabetic people.

For diabetics or individuals at the risk of suffering from the condition, sweet potatoes are a perfect choice. This is due to the fact that they have a low-to-medium glycemic index. This index level will ensure that your blood sugar does not increase when compared to that of after eating potatoes.

For the potatoes, they keep a person satisfied for long, they are high in resistant starch and provide antioxidants such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and phenolic acids, which are essential for preventing conditions such as cancer, heart ailments, and other chronic conditions.

3 Day Sweet Potato Diet Involves The Following

Day1. Ensure you include yams in the main meals and side dishes to eat the same amount of food without increasing the calories but adding the meals fiber content.

Day2. Take baked yams with you for that anytime-anywhere healthy snack. Keep some in the fridge or at home. This will keep you satisfied and fuller for a long time without eating other fatty meals.

Day3. Include yams in your healthy filling soups. This way you will have a perfect way to be fuller before eating anything else or having the soup as part of your lunch or dinner. Store some for later use.


To have the best results when it comes to losing that extra pound of weight will involve an individual burning more calories than the ones eaten. Each day to achieve this make sure that you reduce the number of calories in your meals and do more exercises. Yams come in as one of the perfect meals full of nutrients and vitamins at the same time in the journey of weight loss.