Best Exercises To Strengthen Ankles

Best exercises to strengthen ankles

Ankles known as the Talocrural Region are connecting joints between the legs and feet of a person. Ankles are by and large some of the most neglected parts of the body. This is a flexible joint and is an important aspect of the movability factor of the legs. Ankles need to be strong and agile to prevent sprains, protect the joints and boost the athletic performance of an individual.

Strong ankles help improve walking and running strides and also help people maintain a stronger balance. Strong ankles also help people wear different types of shoes easily and the following are some of the ways to strengthen ankles

Stretching Exercises

There are many types of stretching exercises that improve the strength and flexibility of the ankles. These exercises are relatively easy to do and over-time help improve the agility and the strength of the joints and muscles in this area. Exercises like achilles stretch, towel stretch, band stretch, standing calf stretch, standing soleus stretch and cross leg ankle stretch are stretching exercises. In these types of stretch exercises, the feet, ankles and calf areas of the legs are stretched and repeated efforts over a period of time will help strengthen the ankles.

Writing The Alphabet

This is a very interesting exercise that strengthens the ankles and is also a lot of fun. Sitting on a chair, extending the foot, using the big toe, writing the alphabet in capital letters helps exercise the feet and ankles and in due course helps strengthen the ankles. The big toe in this exercise is used as a pen and the leg needs to be extended or stretched to achieve the exercise’s full impact and goal.

Ankle Circles

To improve the joints and the muscles in this ankle area, it is important to work the joint in an effective way to make it strong and healthy. Ankle circles are a great workout which helps improve the core strength of the ankles and also improve their flexibility. Ankle circles also help the stability and the balance of the joints. This exercise is done by sitting on a chair and extending one leg straight in front. Then moving the foot in clockwise and counterclockwise circles for a few reps improves the strength of the ankles.

Balance Training

Another form of exercise that helps improve the strength of the ankle is a balance training exercise. Balance training exercise help maintain the core balance of the body and also improve the strength of the ankles to balance the body. Balance exercises like standing on one leg, flamingo stand, balancing on a wobble ball, shifting the weight from one side to another or balancing on a stability ball are all balance training exercises that are popular for strengthening ankles.

Resistance Band Training

A resistance band or a weighted sleeve is an elastic band that is used for strength training, physical therapy and various exercises for a core body workout. There are different exercises that use the resistance bands to help strengthen the ankles. These exercises are done by using resistance bands and sitting on the ground and the legs stretched out in front. Resistance bands are held by the hands and wrapped around the feet. The next step is to do stretch exercises with the resistance band like pushing down the feet, pulling up the feet, pushing out the feet and pulling in the feet. Resistance bands make it harder to do these exercises and this helps in strengthening the ankles using these bands.

Toe Raises

In simple terms toe, raises are simply raising the feet and balancing them on the toe. These exercises can be done by sitting and simply raising the feet on the toes and also by standing and balancing the entire body on the toes. Repeating these exercises for a period of time will improve the strength of the ankle and also improve the balance and posture of the body. Toe raises are a simple form of exercise that does not need any type of exercise equipment and can be done anywhere whenever there is time.


Squats are a strength and fitness exercise that helps achieve a full body workout, targeting thighs, hips, buttocks, legs, and ankles. Squat exercise is a type of sitting movement exercise where the sitting movement is done without a chair. Hands are generally held together and the depth of the squat depends on the ability of the person doing this exercise. Squats help strengthen the legs, ankles and also help in core body workout.


Ankles are generally the most useful areas of the body when it comes to movement. But ankles are often ignored and strengthening the ankles is not a priority for most exercise regimens. The above-mentioned exercises are ways in which the ankles can be strengthened. Strong ankles help in the overall improvement of the strength of the legs and help people achieve a better balance and flexibility for the body. Consult your trainer before practice these exercises is always best.