Foods That Heal Esophagitis

Foods That Heal Esophagitis

Just like machines, each individual part of the human body, such as even the esophagus, needs to be healthy and working to maintain the life processes of the human body intact. Interestingly, esophagitis is easy to deal with merely by altering the food patterns. This article will delve deeper into the foods that heal esophagitis.

What Is Esophagitis?

Also known as esophagus inflammation, esophagitis can be literally defined as the inflammation of the esophagus or the tube running from the throat to the stomach. Such inflammation can cause damage to the tissues lining this muscular tube joining the mouth and the stomach. Esophagitis can be the result of acid reflux from the stomach affecting the muscular tube, some infection either in the throat or stomach area, some allergies in the area, or as a side effect of some medication too.

The symptoms of esophagitis range from difficulty in swallowing to experiencing heartburn to experiencing acid regurgitation among others. The treatment of esophagitis needs to concentrate more on treating the underlying cause apart from dealing with the severity of the damage done to the tissues. However, there are some home remedies or food choices that can help you heal the body and relieve you of the symptoms of esophagitis.

Food Eat And Avoid For Esophagitis

Since the basic problem esophagitis causes are swallowing food, it is advisable to make the process of eating as less painful as possible by helping the food to travel through the esophagus as quickly as possible so that the surrounding tissues do not have to face the brunt and irritation.

Foods That Heal Esophagitis

  • Taking Soft dietary patterns
  • Taking a low fat and high protein diet
  • Taking smaller bites which are chewed well
  • Sipping fluids while consuming a solid diet in order to keep the esophagus tract moist apart from moistening the food
  • Eating smaller portions and having frequent meals and snacks during the day in a relaxed manner

1. Dairy Products

Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, and even low fat ice creams can be taken. However one should make sure to take softer cheese such as ricotta or cream cheese. You should also avoid adding fruits, seeds or granola with yogurt. Ice cream can be taken only if cold foods don’t cause irritation.

2. Fiber

Fresh raw fruits and vegetables, though the best source of fiber has to be replaced by softer and smoother versions such as canned and frozen fruits, softer fruits such as bananas and avocados, and consuming broths or soups made of vegetables such as mashed potatoes, carrots, peas and other vegetables which are not very fibrous or filled with seeds.

3. Carbohydrates

Cooked and soft cereals and bread without nuts or seeds such as putting bread or crackers in soup or broth should be taken. It’s better to avoid scratchy and hard grains such as rice, muffins, or bread crusts.

4. Proteins

Even in terms of protein, one can take pureed or ground meat, boneless white fish, soft scrambled eggs, and other sources of protein, preferably in the broths prepared for the diet. It is advisable to avoid dried and roasted varieties of proteins, especially with spices and peppercorns added to the same.

These are some of the foods that heal esophagitis to some extent, at least by fulfilling the dietary requirements of the individual while not causing irritation to the esophagus.

Foods To Avoid For Esophagitis

  • Avoiding caffeine as much as possible
  • Avoiding very hot or very cold beverages
  • Avoiding the intake of citrus, garlic, chocolate, and mint
  • Avoiding acidic or salty food
  • Avoiding spicy food
  • Avoiding dry, coarse, rough, and food with nuts and seeds
  • Avoiding fatty foods


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