8 Health Benefits Of Broccoli Soup

Health Benefits Of Broccoli Soup

Broccoli is among the most nutritious and healthiest vegetables in the world today. It's also quite easy to consume as you can eat it raw in salads or in the form of a soup, either way, it's a superfood worth adding into your diet. Keep on reading to find out more about whether broccoli soup is good for you and the various broccoli soup benefits for skin and weight loss you should be aware of.

Is Broccoli Soup Good For You?

Definitely! Broccoli soup is extremely rich in essential components such as calcium, vitamin C, and selenium which are important for your body. In fact, broccoli should be a must-have vegetable in your kitchen if you really care about your health.

8 Broccoli Soup Benefits For Skin And Weight Loss

The following are some of the broccoli soup benefits for skin and weight loss;

1. Improves Metabolism

If you are looking to boosting your metabolism, then you should consider taking broccoli soup regularly. It's rich in vitamin C, calcium, and fiber which is great in improving your metabolism especially after eating. A good metabolism is essential for the proper functioning of major body parts.

2. Promotes Skin Health

Having broccoli soup on a regular basis can help you to quickly repair your skin while giving you a healthy and glowing look. For instance, broccoli is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C that slows down the aging process and boosts collagen production giving you ultimately beautiful and youthful skin. Additionally, the broccoli plant contains glucoraphanin that can help to repair and renew damaged skin. According to studies, broccoli soup can help protect against skin damage and dangerous UV radiation.

3. Healthy Heart

Eating broccoli daily can be beneficial for the health of your heart. The anti-inflammatory components in the broccoli are important in protecting and preventing damage in the blood vessel lining caused by inflammation due to blood sugar complications.

Additionally, broccoli soup is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and fiber that are essential in lowering cholesterol levels for a healthy heart functioning. Also, a study by the Institute of Food Research suggested that broccoli can help in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels by 6%.

4. Bone Health

Insufficiency of calcium and vitamin K are associated with weak bones. It is therefore highly essential that you take enough calcium and vitamin K nutrients, which are present in the broccoli soup, in order to prevent osteoporosis and improve your bone strength and health.

Besides, broccoli soup is rich in other nutrients such as zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium that are great for the overall bone health of the elderly, lactating mothers, and children. So make sure to prepare broccoli soup for babies if you want them to grow strong and healthy.

5. Eye Health

Broccoli soup is packed with essential nutrients such as beta-carotene, phosphorus, vitamin A, B complex, C, and E. All these nutrients are great for protecting the eyes against eye disorders such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Also, given the fact that night blindness is associated with a deficiency in Vitamin A, having broccoli soup on a regular basis can improve your overall eye health and repair eye damage caused by harmful radiations.

6. Detoxifies The Body

Having broccoli soup is a great way to detoxify your body. It is rich in Vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, and sulfur components that can help to purify your blood by removing free radicals and toxins such as uric acid. This way, you will bid goodbye to toxin-related conditions such as rashes, boils, gout, arthritis, renal calculi, itches, and other skin ailments such as eczema and skin hardening. Additionally, broccoli soup is rich in fiber which is essential in getting rid of toxins through the digestive tract.

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7. Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight fast, then having broccoli soup regularly is the way to go. According to research, each serving of broccoli contains only 30 calories, which is great if you want to manage your weight. Additionally, the soup is low in fat and high in fiber and will fill your stomach, thereby, reducing too many cravings. This way, you will be able to control your calorie intake and even lose weight.

8. Boosts Brain Power

Broccoli soup is a great way to boost your brainpower. It is packed with vitamin K which is important in improving the central nervous system in the brain. Additionally, the vitamin B component in the broccoli is said to enhance memory, lift moods, prevent mood swings, avoid mental exhaustion, and prevent depression.

How To Prepare Broccoli Soup?

It's very easy and quick to prepare broccoli soup. In fact, broccoli can be eaten either cooked or raw in salads. If you are wondering how to go about cooking a delicious broccoli soup, try this simple procedure.


  • One chopped onion and garlic
  • Broccoli florets
  • Corn oil
  • Water
  • Pepper to taste


  • Prepare broccoli and chop the garlic and onion
  • Add corn oil and fry or steam the ingredients on a heating pan
  • Add some water on the vegetables
  • When cooked, pour the vegetables into a blender
  • Blend it thoroughly until it gets smooth
  • Add pepper to taste
  • Serve


With the right ingredients and proper preparation, broccoli soup will not only be delicious but it will get you numerous health benefits besides helping you to lose weight fast. The other benefits of broccoli soup include improving immunity, sexual health, good fetal development, skin health, better digestion, and improved liver health among other benefits.


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