Treating Eczema with the Homeopathic Approach

Eczema is one of the most frequent reasons for children visiting hospitals. It usually ranges from a few patches on the skin to more severe full body conditions.

Eczema can refer to quite a number of skin conditions where the skin becomes irritated and red which often result in the formation of solid bumps on the skin which become moist and ooze fluid. Kids are prone to getting rashes but eczema can result in scratching which makes the situation even worse.

Atopic Dermatitis is the most common reason for eczema, ‘atopic’ meaning someone being allergic to certain substances in one’s environment such as pollen, dust and even certain foods; ‘dermatitis’ means inflammation of the skin resulting in the skin becoming red and sore.

It’s an illness that’s becoming increasingly common in children and allopathic approaches to it only seem to be temporarily soothing and calming without fully doing away with it and thereby offering a permanent cure. Allopathic treatments to eczema have also been linked to certain long term side effects.

Homeopathy, an Effective Solution to Eczema

Homeopathic solutions to eczema are rapidly being sought nowadays due to the severe problems eczema can cause and also because of the problems associated with allopathic drug use.

Homeopathy offers a large variety of solutions when it comes to skin diseases and as such, it is important to choose the solution which caters to that particular person and his problems and not just to the symptoms. This has been one of the most successful homeopathic approaches in treating eczema. Some examples of such homeopathic remedies are Sulphur, Arsenic album and Calc carb.

A family history of allergic conditions can often be greatly helpful in homeopathic treatment. Doctors have found that a homeopathic approach based on family history and predisposition towards certain diseases in one’s family can make the treatment much more effective and help cure eczema much faster.

For babies, Nat Mur can be an excellent homeopathic cure if they have been separated from their mother. If eczema worsens in a baby after administering a vaccine, then general remedies such as Thuja may help.

Homeopathy Based on Local Symptoms

  • Eczema can be very distressing and other than using the methods mentioned above, one may also rely on local treatments. This is based on isolating the symptoms and providing homeopathic treatment based on those local symptoms. For example, for burning, itchy rashes, use Sulphur and for crustier, oozing eczema, use graphite. Creams, ointments and tinctures may also be applied as local treatments. Calendula and Urtica mixture is particularly helpful.

Changing Your Lifestyle

  • There is no doubt that leading a healthy lifestyle can prevent the onset of many, any diseases and illnesses. It is part of the homeopathic approach now to offer lifestyle improvement tips. Children especially can benefit from diet based on fresh and unadulterated food. Some children may be allergic to certain foods and food products and hence such foods should be avoided, at least for a short time till homeopathic treatment is able to cure their allergy.

There have been several recorded cases of homeopathy working wonders for patients of eczema. The treatment is always done taking into account the symptoms and the family history of the patient and is known to be highly effective in treating eczema, improving nutrition and desensitizing the child to allergy.