Benefits and Uses of Banyan Tree for Health, Hair and Skin

Uses of Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree, which is also referred to as ‘wish-fulfilling’ tree in India, is easy to identify by its aerial roots and broad leaves. Different parts of the tree, such as latex, leaf buds, barks and even fruits also have tremendous benefits on health, skin and hair.

Let us First Take a Look at Medicinal Uses of Banyan Tree:

Cure for Swelling Eyes:

Make a paste of 2 tsp of honey, 125 mg of camphor and 10 ml of banyan tree milk. Use eyeliner to apply the mixture. It is a good treatment for corneal opacity.

Cure for Ear Problems:

Banyan tree has wonderful effects on ear problems. Milk sourced from banyan tree is extremely useful to eliminate the worms and cure boils. Mix few drops of banyan milk with mustard oil and administer 2 drops in each of your ears.

Cure for Nasal Bleeding:

Banyan tree has a magical effect for nasal bleeding. It works fast to stop bleeding. Mix 3 gm of Ariel roots in buttermilk for use; you will get results in quick time.

Excellent for Tooth Problems:

Banyan tree Excellent for Tooth Problems

Bark of banyan tree is extremely good for tooth problems. Take 10 gm of this bark with 2 gm black pepper and 5 gm of catechu. Grind them all to make a fine powder and use it to brush your teeth. There are benefits of banyan tree milk. If you are suffering from aching tooth, apply milk for quick relief. Take a piece of cloth and soak it in milk to apply on the cavities of aching teeth. It treats Halitosis and is a wonderful panacea for all types of tooth infections.

Good for Diabetic Patients:

Grind both aerial roots and bark of banyan tree. Cook 20 gm of this powder in 1/2 kg of water. Boil it until water gets reduced to 1/8th of its original quantity. Let the solution get cool and after then, strain it for use in morning and evening. Continue with it for 1 month without any break to be cured of diabetes.

Banyan tree good for diabetic patients

Quick Relief in Diarrhoea:

There are several uses of banyan tree for health problems and an important one of them is for those suffering from diarrhoea. Take 100ml of water and mix 6 gm of buds into it. Strain it and add sugar candy to the solution. Ask the patients to drink the solution and then offer the person buttermilk. It will cure diarrhoea in almost no time.

Relief for Nausea:

Take 20 gm of green banyan tree leaves. Grind them along with 7 cloves in water and strain the solution. Apply the solution to the patient.

Treatment for Urinary Disorders:

Benefits of banyan tree bark? There are so many. They cure urinary disorders. Take fine powder of sugar and banyan tree bark in equal quantity. Give 4 gm of the mixture along with fresh water to the patient. Alternatively you can use aerial roots for the purpose. Add sugar to 10-20 gm powder of ripe banyan fruit. Take it with milk for relief from any kind of urinary disorder. It is mineral-rich and extremely nutritive.

Quick Remedy for Acute Ulcers:

Want to know benefits of banyan tree leaves? The leaves cure ulcer patients even if they are in critical conditions. Make a solution with grind buds and tender leaves with water. Strain the solution. Mix sesame oil in equal amount with the solution for cooking. Apply it on ulcers 2-3 times every day.

Banyan Tree also Has Therapeutic Usage for Hair and Skin Problems. Let Us Get a Quick Check of Its Beneficial Impacts on Hair:

Hair Growth Stimulant:

Banyan tree hair growth

There are banyan tree uses for hair growth and baldness. Mix 20-25 gm ash of banyan tree leaves with 100 ml of linseed oil and message your head with it. It will regenerate new hairs and cures baldness.

Remedy for Hair Problems:

Mix equal amount of mustard oil with extract of soft banyan leaves. Cook the mixture until it becomes medicated oil and apply it on your hair. It is every effective to treat all kinds of hair problems.

Solution for Long Hair:

Who does not want to get long and lustrous hair? Benefits of banyan tree roots cannot be ignored in get long and beautiful hair.

Banyan Tree is Also Effective for Several Skin Problems:

Good for Facial Glow:

banyan tree Good for skin Glow

Prepare a paste of banyan flowers and leaves, lotus flower, liquorice root and saffron. Apply it on your skin to get instant glow.

Cure for Skin Problems:

Make a paste of dried banyan leaves, jasmine leaves and red sandalwood with water. This mixture cures acne and removes patches on skin.

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