Natural Home Remedies for Cavities in Teeth

Dental cavities are the commonest causes for a toothache and jaw pain. If small particles of food are blocked in the tooth the pain gets horrible. If it is exposed the pain gets worse because of the cavity. It is very important to have oral cleanliness and good eating habits to prevent tooth cavity.

Symptoms of Tooth Cavities

If you are able to detect the cavity at an early stage it will help to save the tooth by proper treatment. If there is a small cavity it may not be noticed as there will not be too much of pain. If there is a white spot on the tooth it shows enamel loss. This lesion slowly becomes a cavity. Once the cavity is formed the tooth enamel is destroyed. The enamel is hard but the dentin structure is porous. When the cavity gets deeper the nerve is exposed and then the food particles that are blocked give rise to pain. If there is sensitivity and pain when consuming cold or hot foods indicates cavities. Sweet foods will also give rise to pain. Bad breath is one of the symptoms. Puss developing around the tooth creates bad breath. You may have pain while biting and bad taste in the mouth. If it not treated it will spread to the tissues and the infection may be life threatening.

Home Remedies for Tooth Cavities

Tooth cavities can happen to both children and adults. To save the tooth in case of deep cavities Root canal treatment is helpful.

Fort small cavities there are some home remedies that can help:

Warm Water: if you use warm water to brush your teeth it will help to prevent bacteria from forming. It is useful to control pain. Proper oral hygiene is useful to keep the teeth clean and brush the complete area thoroughly don’t leave any area. And don’t avoid painful places.

Gargling: An essential remedy to keep bad breath and bad taste away gargling with warm water and salt is important as it kills bacteria.

Clove/Camphor Oil: If you apply clove or camphor oils by using a swap it will give relief from cavity pain. Clove is antiseptic and it can be used directly on the cavity. If you add pepper powder and clove oil drops it relieves cavity pain.

Lemon with Asafetida: Chew a slice of lime with skin that has C vitamin to reduce the cavity pain. A mixture of asafetida powder and lemon juice will help to reduce the pain in some time.

Wheat Grass Juice: Consume wheatgrass juice that has several medicinal properties that will help to relieve a toothache by killing bacteria and any other infection.

Garlic and Onion: Onion and garlic are known for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and they help to reduce toothache. Consuming onions regularly will prevent tooth cavities. Slice onion and keep it on the tooth cavity for relief from pain. Apply garlic with rock salt to relieve cavity pain. Using garlic in diet regularly helps to have healthy and strong teeth.

These remedies are natural and don’t harm teeth.