The Superman of Herbs - Garlic

Is there a single dish on the planet that doesn't get a dose of garlic? This super herb is a favorite all over the world and is the most important ingredients ever. Be it the aroma or the taste, garlic never fails to satisfy us. Some thousands of years ago, when it was first discovered by farmers, it was only used in ayurvedic preparations for its medicinal properties. Slowly, it crept into kitchens and became a part of every meal because of its awesome taste and aroma. You will be surprised to know that Hippocrates, the father of medicine used to prescribe garlic to his patients. Isn’t this enough reason for you to consume garlic on a daily basis?

Starting from treating simple gastric disorders to curing dangerous forms of cancer, garlic is a boon to mankind. Read on to find out why garlic is a super herb.

Combating Sickness:

The compound ‘Allicin’ found extensively in garlic, onions, shallots and leek is a super compound that is excellent at fighting cancer cells. When consumed even in tiny quantities, it can have a profound impact on the body. Even common cold and cough can be treated effectively with garlic. Consuming raw garlic when you have a cold bout reduced the sickness to a great extent, providing relief from blocked nose and sore throat.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Cardiac Disorders:

Four cloves of garlic which weigh up to a gram in total were found to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a balance all through the day. The moment you consume a single clove, it travels in the blood stream and releases a natural relaxer called ‘endothelium’ that relaxes the body and prevents anxiety. Vasodilation, the widening of blood vessels, becomes easy when you have adequate amounts of garlic in your blood.
Similarly, diseases of the heart can be kept under control with this powerful herb. Regular consumption can lower the LDL cholesterol and also increase the body’s ability to dissolve blood clots that might clog arteries in the heart.

Prevents Brain Diseases:

The goodness of garlic can help you live long disease-free and medication-free. Garlic bulbs are rich in antioxidants that keep the brain healthy and prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Recent studies have revealed that garlic boosted the health of brain cells and kept them active throughout an individual’s life span.

Improved Athletic Performance:

Raw garlic or garlic supplements were found to be highly useful for athletes who struggle with fitness. This herb enhances the workout by reducing fatigue and other stress associated with physical activity. Those who consumed garlic regularly were found to work out for longer durations without getting tired easily. Ancient labourers and farmers used to indulge in garlic snacks to improve their work capacity levels and were able to spend more time in farms and other work areas without exhaustion.

Wonderful for Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women must make garlic a part of their every day diet. The compounds in garlic bulbs correct oestrogen deficiency and regulate the uterus and milk production in pregnant women. Post delivery, lactating mothers must consume garlic to boost the mammary glands and produce enough milk for the baby. When the oestrogen levels are balanced, they improve the bone health of women too. Arthritis, rheumatism and other muscular problems can be corrected with garlic.

Do you need more reasons to love garlic? Raw garlic or supplements are equally good in boosting the overall health. So go ahead and make this super herb an important part of your meals!