Olive Oil is Good for Skin, Hair and Health

Olive Oil is Good for Skin, Hair and Health

Indians generally do not prefer Olive Oil. The reasons are pretty obvious, it is not found in this part of the world, unlike the Mediterranean. We are always comfortable with peanut, sunflower, and the likes. However, any continental salad or dish will have Olive oil as an ingredient. One should note that people from this region have long lives, healthy skin, and shiny hair. Other reasons apart, this miraculous oil definitely has a role to play. Once you learn about the benefits of the oil, you will soon start its consumption too.

What Are the Types of Olive Oil?

Production of Olive oil involves crushing or pressing whole olives. The method, number of times crushed, and additional mixtures determine the types of oil. Briefly,

  • Extra virgin olive oil- It is of the highest quality and has a strong aroma and superior taste
  • Virgin Olive oil- Slightly lower quality but still good taste and nutritional value
  • Refined Olive oil- Obtained by refining the virgin oil, with minimal chemicals and other contents. What we see in markets like "pure" oil is nothing but refined olive oil

Greece leads in the world production of extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil and Skin

Olive oil contains a good deal of antioxidants. This helps reduce cell destruction to a large extent. This helps us keep our aging speed under control. Due to its properties, it also moisturizes the skin and helps keep it soft, clean, and youthful. Another important feature is that there are almost no side effects or allergies associated with this oil. Some of the tips to consider,

  • Half an hour prior to bath, use virgin oil to massage your body and then wash it off. It pampers your skin and leaves it smooth and soft
  • Use this oil especially during winters so prevent lips from getting chapped or dry skin. For ideal results, mix equal portions of almond oil and olive oil and apply to the whole body once a week. this delays wrinkles and builds immunity
  • Add one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to fruit salads for a pleasant aroma and taste. This helps revitalize the skin

Olive Oil and Hair

This oil is a great boon for those with hair issues such as damage, split ends, dandruff, or weak scalp. Since Olive oil contains oleic acid that penetrates the skin easily, massaging it softly on the scalp has wondrous results. Some tips for your consideration,

  • Once a week, dip the hair in pure olive oil and wrap a warm towel for 15-20 minutes. This allows the oil to sink in. this directly cures dry and damaged hair
  • While washing the hair, do not use shampoos with sulfate that remove the moisture content from the hair. Instead, use a mild natural shampoo.
  • Try a mixture of olive oil, almond, and coconut in the ratio of 1:2:2. This promotes growth, color, and thickness of hair

In addition to the above, this oil is widely used across the globe to prevent heart attacks as this promotes circulation and makes the arteries more elastic. It also helps treat sunburn, fights breast cancer, and above all builds the memory and retains it as we progress into old age. No wonder Olive oil is used in cosmetics, food, soaps, and medicines.

Hence, this oil is recommended for every home that seeks better health.