Lemon and Beauty - 5 facts

Nature is wonderful in its design. Everything that a body needs internally or externally can be found all around us. Yet we rely heavily on chemical based beauty products that not only have side effects but also dig deep into our wallets. It’s time to look into our refrigerator to unlock beauty secrets.

We would like to bring to your notice one of the most wonderful fruits of nature – lemon. Lemons have their genesis in Asia and later on spread across the world. It is a loss to restrict it to mere cooking purposes. Consider the below tips to treat your skin,

  • Get rid of blackheads – perhaps the best use of lemon. Blackheads are caused due to dirt remaining blocked in the skin pores. The acidic property of lemon washes it off. Evenly smear the juice of one lemon on the face and rinse after 5 minutes for a brighter and cleaner skin
  • Strengthen your nails – brittleness, discoloration and texture are all given a boost by lemon juice. Simple dip the nails for 10 minutes in fresh lime juice and wash off. Done once a week, this will show visible results very fast
  • Brighten armpits and elbows – technically more the melanin in the skin, more is the hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Lemon is one of the best natural bleaching agents. Rubbing a fresh cut lemon on these areas will help lighten the coloration and over time brighten the skin
  • Clean your hair – this remedy is great during sunny days. Prepare a mixture of 4 lemons and 100 ml of warm water. Apply or spray it completely on your hair and expose it to sun rays for half an hour. Wash it using a mild conditioner for surprising results. Lemon makes your hair dry, so do not forget the conditioner
  • Lighten acne – dermatologists charge a lot to lighten the scars left by acne. Squeeze the juice from lemons and apply it on the face using cotton ball and wash after 15 minutes. Daily dose will show results within a week.

Considering the varied benefits and the ease of availability, lemons occupy a strong spot in the list of our home remedy’s list.