Low Cholesterol with Ayurveda

The build of cholesterol can lead to coronary heart disease. This disease has become a major killer disease with millions of people dying all over the world. An unhealthy lifestyle can be attributed to it. There are various ways to prevent the cholesterol from rising. Consuming healthy food can prevent raising the cholesterol level. A minimum amount of cholesterol is need for utilization of food in the body, synthesizing vitamin D, building cell membranes, etc. If the levels of choloestrol rise then it collects in the artery walls narrowing it down for proper blood flow.

There are various natural or Ayurveda remedies by which you can lower your cholesterol. Ayurveda has been practiced for thousands of years in India. They use all natural ingredients to cure various ailments. Various herbs and medicinal plants are used to make ayurvedic medicine to reduce cholesterol. There are some ayurvedic treatments that can be easily carried out in your homes to reduce cholesterol.

The Remedies

Most of us link ayurveda to those herbal concoctions, but did you know that even garlic, ginger and other herbs classify as ayurvedic treatments? Ayurveda is a form of age old medicine practiced by our forefathers. This stream of medicine, professes that Mother Nature has all that you need to cure anything from a small cold to a more fatal disease.

Here are a few of the many ayurvedic remedies and practices that when followed can help you keep cholesterol levels in check.

1. Drink plenty of water. You must take 6-8 glasses of water to wash away all the toxins in the body.

2. Start your day with fresh fruits and whole grains. Have oats or barley that is high in soluble fiber.

3. Eat plenty of antioxidant food such as apples, nuts, spinach and carrots.

4. Have honey added to one cup of hot water in the morning daily. It helps to get rid of excess fat and cholesterol from the body.

5. Have nuts like walnuts and almond which are good source to lower LDL.

6. Add turmeric and curry leaves to your food when cooking they have cholesterol lowing properties in them.

7. Boil water with two teaspoons of coriander seeds. Strain and drink this water daily. Drink it lukewarm, it helps to improve digestion, flux out toxins and even lower LDL considerably.

8. Have a clove of garlic, raw or grilled every morning. You can even drink milk boiled with a piece of garlic in it. This helps to reduce cholesterol.

9. Cold hip bath twice a day daily has shown good results in reducing cholesterol.

10. Guggulu [commiphora mukul] is very good. You can buy it any shop selling ayurvedic products.

11. The herb Arjuna is also very effective for cholesterol. It is prescribed in numerous forms such as Arjuna Ghritam and Arjunarishta. The branch of this tree taken in the powdered form has many medical benefits. It helps to dissolve the accumulated cholesterol.

12. Alfalfa is another herb equally beneficial for cholesterol. It helps to clear the arteries.

13. Holy Basil has many medicinal properties. It is used for various kinds of ailments. It helps to reduce cholesterol from the blood stream.

14. Ayurveda recommends the use of cow’s butter and clarified butter (ghee) instead of other oils like groundnut oils and fat.

15. Eating plain yogurt daily helps to reduce LDL. It also helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

16. You can use this Cholesterol Balancing Spice Mixture. Use it to season your food. 3 parts ground turmeric, 6 parts ground coriander, 6 parts ground fennel, 6 parts ground cumin, 2 parts ground fenugreek, 1 part ground black pepper, and 1 part dried powdered ginger. This powdered mixture will also aid digestion.

17. Drink onion juice. It helps to not only lower cholesterol but also cleanse the blood. It enhances digestion and cures insomnia too. Onions helps to regulate heart action.

18. Boil cinnamon stick in water. Add honey to it and drink it warm. Taking cinnamon powder with teaspoon of honey, daily, is also equally beneficial. It helps to reduce the cholesterol considerably.

19. Eat wheat germs and yeast as they are rich in inositol, choline and Vitamin B6. These are LDL reducing properties.

20. Eat ladies finger. The gooey texture of the vegetable helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol.

Go natural, go healthy! That is what Ayurveda is all about. The next time you are tempted to gulp down those many coloured pills, give ayur a chance. You will be amazed at how nature has it’s way of curing you, with no side effects whatsoever!