Homeopathic Medicines For Flu

Homeopathic Medicines For Flu

The season is of flu and COVID-19 and any kind of negligence can lead to unimaginable situations that may at times ask life. Given the fact that the flu can easily attack and spread being cautious is of pivotal importance. Although a serious condition by itself the right time treatment cures it and not doing so can lead to other serious conditions. Apart from allopathic medicines and treatment options, there are also different homeopathic medicines for flu that are effective and safe. In this article let us see how homeopathic can cure flu.

What Is The Flu?

Influenza is called "flu" by the general public and is an exceedingly contagious illness related to respiratory organs. Influenza A or B viruses cause it. The occurrence of it is mostly during early spring and winter. It attacks the body and spreads through the lower or upper respiratory tract.

Difference Between Flu And Cold

Although both flu and the common cold are infectious viral infections of the respiratory tract there is a little bit of difference. Both have the same symptoms however, the flu is much more severe. A cold could make you a little bit uncomfortable but flu can make one tremble at the mere thought of carrying on regular activities.

Symptoms Of Flu

In the beginning, the flu could seem more like a normal cold with sneezing, runny nose, and sore throat. But the major difference is- common cold develops gradually but flu comes all of a sudden. In one word flu is more severe and has more severe symptoms than cold.

Common symptoms and signs of the flu consist of;

Causes Of Flu

Viruses of flu move through the air in the form of droplets when anyone sneezes, coughs, or talks. One can also directly inhale the droplets or get contaminated from any object when touched. Usually, the virus enters the body through the nose, mouth, or eyes.

People and children with weak immunity could be infectious for a little longer.

As new strains are regularly appearing influenza viruses are changing constantly.

Risk Factors That Increase The Chances

  • Age
  • Chronic illness
  • The environment in which one lives
  • Using Aspirin often
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy

Homeopathic Medicine For flu

Homeopathy for flu isn’t only effective but also comes with no side effects. Below are common homeopathic flu remedies;

1. Aconitum

It is highly effective when used within the first 24 hours of finding symptoms.

2. Anas Barbariae

Controlled scientific researches have noticed that this medicine is helpful in curing the flu. It is highly useful during the first 2 days of symptoms. Few consider that it is generic medicine for flu while others say it is highly useful when flu sets in rapidly and a person has a painful cough, bursting headache, or when flu signs appear after getting exposed to the chilly wind.

3. Arsenicum

When there is high fever along with restlessness it is highly useful when the flu comes with headache, sore throat, digestive disorder and cold prefer using this.

4. Belladonna

When you notice a person suffering from flu with reddened membranes and flushed face this is the best option. Fever and cold that sets in due to flu can be controlled effectively with this medicine.

5. Bryonia

When flu is associated with a slow commencement of a fever and body aches that worsen by motion this is the safe bet.

6. Eupatorium Perfoliatum

When flu comes with aching bones and chills homeopaths prescribe this medicine.

7. Ferrum Phos

When you doubt the onset of fever is due to flu this is the perfect option more importantly in the first stages of fever associated with flu.

8. Gelsemium

It’s a very common medicine for influenza. When flu symptoms are lingering and there’s fatigue, use this medicine under medical supervision.

9. Influenzinum

It should be taken only once in a month when you first notice the symptoms.

10. Rhus Tox

When flu is associated with stiffness and achiness this medicine acts effectively. Dry cough and sneezing can also be cured with this homeopathic drug.

Homeopathic flu prevention and treatment medicines should be taken with a homeopath recommendation as homeopathic medicine for flu differ from person to person and also is based on the symptoms.


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