Homeopathy For Chronic Pain [Remedies and Medicines]

Homoeopathy For Chronic Pain

For defining pain we didn’t get a proper definition. Most of the people define pain by their own language in the term they are suffering. Pain is an unpleasant sensation which make person feels uncomfortable. Pain is the indication that something wrong is going inside the body, some pathology or inflammation is about to start which damages the tissue. Pain can be characterized by location, type of sensation, occurrence and radiations.

If a doctor has studied medicine well he/she can then identify the type and cause of the pain. Homoeopathy on other hand has wonderful remedies for pain and inflammation. In every type of pain sensation, homoeopathy has the best pain management than others which does not give side effects if the selection is proper. In homoeopathic, there are even few medicines which are even called Homoeopathic Painkiller like Magnesium Phos, Colocynthis, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Aconite. etc.

Pains are acute and chronic. Acute pain starts suddenly just after an incident with a cause which we know. Thus the treatment is accordingly. Chronic pain is the pain which one person suffers from more than six months.

Types of Pain Described in Homoeopathy

  1. Aching pain
  2. Benumbing pain
  3. Bitting pain
  4. Boring pain
  5. Bruised pain
  6. Burning pain
  7. Constricting pain
  8. Cutting pain
  9. Digging pain
  10. Drawing apin
  11. Gnawing apin
  12.  Jerking pain
  13. Paralytic pain
  14. Pinching pain
  15. Scraped pain
  16. Splinter, sensation of
  17. Tearing pain
  18. Twisting pain

All this type of pain has different meaning and pathology in the body. No other pathy treats the pain just like homoeopathy. When pain becomes chronic, patient experience different type of sensation which for other pathy does not have any importance but in homeopathy it is most important as homoeopathy differentiate every individual from other. This type of sensations tells us that how deep pathology has been developed.

Homeopathy Medicines For Different Types of Pain

People who suffer from the chronic pain of any type, they prefer to take homoeopathic medicines. Because they know that homeopathy treats the cause from the roots. There are many homeopathic medicines which are given for chronic pain and inflammation. Besides this, there are many homeopathic pain killers spray and ointments are also available for instant relief for pain.

Aching Pain - Aesculus, arnica, berberis v, calcarea carb, calcarea flor, cimicifuga, cocculus, dulcamara, kali carb, kalmia, lycopodium, natrum mur, nux vom, pulsatilla, rhustox,

Benumbing Pain - Aconite, chamomila, calccarea carb, cina, graphites, iris v, platina, rheum, sabadilla, verbascum.

Biting Pain - Ambra g, cantharis, capsicum, carbo-veg, china, clematis, drosera, helliborus, kali-c, kreosote, nitric acid, nux vom, petroselinum, rhustox, ruta, sepia, staphsygaria, sulphur, zinc met.

Boring Pain - Argentum n, asafetida, aurum met, belladonna, bismuth, causticum, hepar sulp, lachesis, mezerium, natrum carb, pulsatilla, rananculus s, spigilea, sulphur,thuja.

Bruised Pain - Aconite, aesculus, argentums met, arnica, baptisia, bryonia, cantharis, cicuta, cimicifuga, cina, drosera, hammelis, ledum pal, lithum carb, medorrinum, platina, pyrogenium, rhustox, ruta, silicea, sulphuric acid.

Burning Pain - Anthracinum, aconite, apis mel, arsenic, arum-t, baptisia, belladonna, berberis v, bryonia, bufo, cantharis, capsicum, carbo veg, causticum, cannabis I, carbon sulph, dulcamara, graphities, iris, kali-bi, lachesis, mercurius, natrum mur, nux vom, nitric acid, phosphorus, phosphoric acid, pulsatilla, rathania, rhustox, rumex, sabadilla, sangunaria, secale cor, sepia, silicea, spigelia, spongia, stannum met, sulphur, zincum met.

Constricting Pain - Aconite, ambra g, anacardium, argentums n, belladonna, calcarea carb, carbo veg, colocynth, digitalis, ignatia, kali-c, nitric acid, nux vom, phosphoric acid, platina, pulsatila, staphysagria, sulphur.

Cutting Pain - Alumina, arnica, belladonna, berberis v, colocynth, caladium, calcarea carb, cantharis, conium, drosera, dioscroea, dulcamara, equisetum, graphites, hyoscyamus, ipecac, iganatia, lycopodium, mercurius, kali-c, natrum m, natrum c, nux vom, petroleum, pulsatilla, silicea, sulphur, veratrum, zincum met.

Digging Pain - Aconite, agaricus, ammonium m, arnica, belladonna, bovista, bryonia, calcarea-c, causticum, cina, dulcamara, kali-b, kali-c, rhododendron, rhustox, ruta, sepia, spigelia, stannum met.

Drawing Pain - Bryonia, camphora, carbo veg, caulophyllum, chelidonium, colocythn, croton tig, graphites, nitric acid, nux vom, pulsatilla,

Gnawing Pain - Arsenic, agnus, baryta carb, belladonna, cantharis, carbo-veg, chamomila, croton tig, causticum, conium, cuprum met, drosera, glonine, phosphorus, phosphoric acid, platina, pulsatilla, ruta, spongia, sepia, staphysgaria.

Jerking Pain - Alumina, arnica, asafetida, aurum met, baryta mur, belladonna, bryonia, calcarea carb, capsicum, causticum, cina, clematis, lucopodium, natrum carb, natrum mur, nux vom, petroleum, pulsatilla, rhustox, sepia, silicea, stannum met, sulphur, taraxacum, thuja,

Paralytic Pain - Belladonna, bismuth, bryonia, chamomilla, china, cina, cocculus, colocynth, cyclamen, dulcamara, mezerium, natrum m, nux vom, Sabina, staphysgaria.

Pinching Pain - Arnica, arsenic, belladonna, calcarea carb, cuprum met, cyclamen, ignatia, ledum pal, moschus, nux-mos, phosphoric acid, platina, ruuta, stannum met, sulphuric acid.

Scraped Pain - Aconite, argentum nitricum, belladonna, bromium, china, drosera, kali-bi, lachesis, lycopodium, nux vom, rhustox, pulsatilla, rumex, stannum met, sulphur, veratrum.

Splinter - Aesculus, agaricus, alumina, argentums nit, baryta carb, carbo veg, hepar sulph, nitric acid, silicea.

Tearing Pain - Kali-bi, plumbum met, rhustox.

Twisting Pain - Agaricus, argentum nit, bryonis, belladonna, capsicum, cina, ignatia, mercurius, nux vom, platina, rhustox, sabadilla, silicea, veratrum.

These are those homoeopathic medicines which are mostly indicated to those patients who come with chronic pain with these sensations. But it is important that one should consult a doctor before taking any homoeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy Remedies For Chronic Pain

In homeopathy, there are many remedies which are used as a Homeopathic painkiller for reducing the chronic pain which the patient suffers from a long time. These homoeopathic remedies have a marvellous action for reducing pain and inflammation, hence it is proved also. Here are some homeopathic remedies which are used for pain and inflammation.

Arnica Montana

It is a well known remedy which is frequently indicated in injury, falls, blows and contusions. Patient has sore, lame, bruised feeling with great fear of being touched or approached. Everything on which he lies seems too hard. The patient even cannot walk erect, on account of bruised pain in the pelvic region. In female, there is bruised pain after labor.

Aesculus Hippocastanum

It is also a frequently indicated remedy in case of severe low backache in which the patient complains of lameness in the neck with aching in between the shoulder blades. The patient feels the spine region weak with pain in back and legs, not able to move. This backache affects the sacrum and hips which is worse on walking and stooping. Patient soles feel sore, tired and swollen. Pain in the throat. Frequently indicated in follicular pharyngitis with hepatic congestion. Patients also complain of laryngitis.

Bryonia Alba

It is mostly indicated when the patient comes with complaints of stiffness and weakness of the whole body. There is aching in every muscle. The important characteristic of pain is stitching, tearing which is worse by motion and better by rest. This type of pain is found everywhere, especially in the chest. With this, there will be dryness of all mucous membrane. There will be bursting and splitting headache which is worse by motion. The abdomen is swollen and sore with burning pain, stitches, worse by pressure, coughing. There will be painful stiffness in the nape of the neck with stitches and stiffness in the lumbar region.

Calcarea Carb

It is also frequently indicated remedy for pain in the abdomen where the patient complains that the liver region is painful when stooping. The patient is sensitive to the slightest pressure. The patient cannot wear tight clothes around the waist. With this patient have pain in back as if sprained can scarily rise which is worn from over lifting. There is a weakness of the lumbosacral region with the curvature of dorsal vertebrae. There will be sharp stitching pain in extremities with cold damp feet. It also mostly indicated in old sprains.


It is most frequently and well known remedy for pain in homoeopathy. The patient complains of agonizing (severe) cutting pain in the abdomen which caused the patient to bend double and pressing the abdomen. Patient has a sensation as if stones are gathered there in the abdomen and will burst. Intestines feel bruised. Each paroxysm is attended with general agitation and a chill over the checks. In female patient, complaints of boring pain in the ovary must bend double, with great restlessness. She wants her abdomen to be supported by pressure.

Natrium Muriaticum

It is mostly indicated for a chronic headache in school going girls and in anaemic patients. There is blinding headache patient feels as if a thousand little hammers were knocking on the brain in the morning or awakening and after menstruation, from sunrise to sunset. Patient has a chronic headache which is semi lateral, congestive with a pale face, nausea, vomiting, periodical pain even after eye strain. Before attack, there is numbness and tingling in the lips, tongue and nose which is relieved by sleep.

Kalium Carbonium

When the patient mostly female comes with a chronic backache with pain in extremities, this medicine firstly comes in mind. There is great exhaustion. Lumbosacral region feels weak. There are a stiffness and paralytic feeling in the back with burning in the spine. Female patient who is pregnant comes with a severe backache. It is also indicated to females who suffer from a severe backache after a miscarriage. There is uneasiness with heaviness and tearing in the limbs and jerking.

Nux Vomica

When there is a pain in the abdomen due to chronic constipation this medicine first comes in mind. Patient stomach region is very sensitive to pressure with bloating of the abdomen as if there are stone several hours after eating. There is the bruised sensation of abdominal walls, flatulence distension with constipation in which patient has frequent ineffectual urging, incomplete and unsatisfactory desire for stool. Patient passes an only small quantity of stool at every attempt, which causes pain in the abdomen.

Ruta Graveolens

It is mostly in indicated when the patient complains about a headache from a long time due to eye strain. The patient complains of pain while reading the fine print. There is a weary type pain with pressure deep in the orbits.

Rhus Toxicodendron

It is one of the frequently indicated remedies used for pain and inflammation. The patient complains of hot, painful swelling of the joints (osteoarthritis) with pain in the tendons, ligaments and fasciae. Limbs are stiff and feel paralyzed. The patient cannot bear cold fresh air as it makes skin painful. There is also stiffness in the lumbosacral region which is better on motion or lying on something hard and worse while sitting or rest.

These are few frequently indicated homoeopathic remedies for pain and inflammation. These remedies in homoeopathy work as a homoeopathic painkiller. But these are only a few there are many more remedies are in homoeopathy. One should consult a homoeopathic physician for the better result and for a better homoeopathic management for chronic pains.