Hygiene Etiquette You Must Follow

Hygiene etiquette you must follow

Doctors all around the world vouch that personal hygiene and sanitation of the surroundings goes a long way in preventing some of the deadliest diseases we fall prey to. Since most of the illnesses are due to germs that spread by hands, it is important that we pay attention to keeping our bodies clean. We have a hygiene etiquette that has been recommended by chikitsa.com physicians which can be easily followed at home and at work to keep diseases at bay. When religiously followed, they can make a huge difference to your life.

Personal Hygiene

Remember what we were taught in school about hygiene and cleanliness? Simple things can bring tremendous changes in the way we live. Here’s what you should do.

1.  Take a shower every day no matter how busy you are. It should actually be twice a day but atleast once is mandatory. Do not ward off body stink with a deodorant. It can make things worse.

2.  Always wash your hands every time before eating, drinking and whenever you visit the washroom. Using an antibacterial hand wash helps. Get a sanitizer and carry it with you always.

3.   Never wear old and unwashed clothes to work or public places. Jeans especially are left unwashed and worn again and again. The pockets of such pants are home to millions of bacteria and cause skin diseases.

4.   Cleaning the nose and ears, trimming nails and hair, washing feet and removing odour are a part of personal hygiene too. Dedicate just 5minutes every day to keep yourself clean.

Home Hygiene

At home, everything might look spic and span from the exterior but once you start digging in, you will find dirt and grime sitting all over the home. What should you be doing?

1. Use dustbins to dump trash and daily waste. Never allow trash bins to overflow and mess up the place. Clear them every day and wash the bins with a detergent.

2. Change your bed sheets once a week. Towels, hand napkins and cloths used to clean tables and the kitchen top must all be washed with an antibacterial detergent and sun dried thoroughly.

3. Shoe racks are the dirtiest areas of your home since we bring a lot of unwanted stuff with our footwear. Clean the rack every week and air it to remove feet odour.

4. Refrigerator, oven, blender and grinder and other electronic appliances must be washed properly to remove harmful bacteria that sit for many days.

5. Bathroom is another area that requires lot of attention. A floor cleaner, acidic toilet cleaner and a de-odourizer must be a part of your bathroom cleaning equipment.

Workplace Hygiene

Starting from our swipe card to the computer we use daily at work, everything is a trigger of diseases. Since a lot of people breathe, sit and eat at the same place, germs spread easily causing illnesses.

1. Laptops and computers must be thoroughly cleaned before using them in the morning. Use a wet antibacterial wipe to kill germs and other micro-organisms on the surface.

2. Plastic water cups, mugs, cutlery, dishes and plates must be washed with a detergent at your work place. Before you use something to eat, rinse it with water first. The same applies to water bottles. Even though it is your own water bottle, clean it with a brush every day.

3. Wash your hands before eating and after you interact with people or touch other computers.

4. The toilet at your workplace is a dangerous one in terms of spreading diseases. Flush the toilet before and after you use it. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly.