Is Dairy Related to Common Cold and Sleep Apnea Among Children?

Is Dairy Related to Common Cold and Sleep Apnea Among Children

Common cold is, well, very common in children. It is sometimes said that this is the way in which the body exercises its immune system. However, it may not always be the cold virus that is causing your child to fall sick. Inflammation of the mucous membrane in the gut was also found to produce similar results. The mucous membrane is strongly influenced by the food we eat and this membrane runs throughout our body.

Role of Dairy in Common Cold

Though it has been said that you should, in fact, give your child dairy products like cheese and curd when they are down with the flu to help boost immunity, it is now seen that dairy products can have certain adverse effects, though they are not directly related to common colds.

Dairy is known to produce mucous in people, irrespective of whether it is tolerated or not. Apart from dairy, there are other food products that naturally produce mucus. These include wheat, chocolate, oranges, soy, corn and bananas. However, as fermented dairy contains healing lactic acid, active enzymes and good bacteria, it has been found to be better. Fermented dairy includes home-made cottage cheese, yogurt or sour cream.

When there is an imbalance of good bacteria, it results in the production of excess mucous in the gut. This is not good as it prevents bile and digestive enzymes from breaking down food. When you consume naturally fermented foods, it assists the enzymes, thereby aiding digestion.

Mucus releases various toxins from the body so the improper functioning of the gut may lead to problems in other important eliminating organs like skin, kidneys, bowel, lungs, kidney, liver, which in turn, would cause symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, asthma, allergies, sleep abnormalities and frequent colds to occur. Consuming filtered water or herbal teas may have some positive effect.

So consuming milk and dairy products is not directly associated with an increase in upper and lower tract symptoms of congestion or nasal secretion weight. In fact, many dairy products have been found to be beneficial in getting rid of colds like drinking lukewarm milk with a pinch of anti-bacterial turmeric.

Dairy Products and Sleep Apnea

However, when it comes to sleep apnea, food intolerances in general are the major cause. Once these are removed, the apnea clears immediately. Common foods that could lead to this include pasteurized milk, food additives, hystamine, salicylates, MSG, gluten and inhaled allergens. So here too, it would not be fair to lay the blame on all dairy products.

Ways to Strengthen Children’s Immune System

By putting a tablespoon of sauerkraut into baby’s food or giving them pressed juices of carrot, apple, cabbage, spinach and more, it will facilitate their digestion and prevent extra production of mucous. Similarly, you can also sprinkle children’s probiotics into food or mix it with water and give it to them. For the gut to reach a balanced state, a probiotic containing at least 4 billion live bacteria will be needed. This will strengthen the immune system and facilitate the correct breakdown of food.

By following these simple steps, your child will no longer suffer from cold, flu or sleep apnea so often.