5 Proven Painkiller Alternatives that helps Overcome Painkiller Addiction

natural painkillers for severe pain

Most of the time you suffer from a backache, you go for painkillers. Well, have you ever tried out natural remedies? From toothache to back pain, a number of pains can be tackled through painkiller alternatives. Moreover, you can prepare these alternatives at your home itself. Read on to know about five such natural pain relief methods, which will give you relief from chronic pain.


Steam is an old and proven natural method to treat pain. This is effective especially in the case of sinus pain. The origin of this pain lies in the mucus accumulated in the nasal cavity. This mucus has to be diluted to ease up the process. Steam helps to clear off this layer of mucus, thus getting rid of sinus pain. You need to boil a quarter-pan of water and place it on a heat-resistant mat on the table. Now use a drape to cover your head and place it over the pot. Bend your face towards the pot and inhale. The drape traps the steam and does not let it escape. Be careful to remain at least 12 inches away from the pot. Remember to exhale through your mouth after inhaling through the nose. It will clear the passage inside.


painkiller massage

Massages are done to manipulate the muscles and tissues in the body in the right direction, so as to deliver relief from pain. This is one of the most common painkiller alternatives. When properly done, it works wonders. However, you need an expert at home to give you the massages. Certain areas of your body, particularly the ligaments and joints need to be massaged from time to time. While it is quite expensive to avail these massages commercially, you can hire a professional at home to marginally reduce the cost. These massages are done using the fists and palms. In certain cases, feet, fingers and elbows are also used to massage the body. It can work amazingly well in relieving you of pain. However, you need to remember that you can suffer from strains in the muscles if massages are done in the wrong way. Therefore, the experts should know the pressure points well and prevent the patient from suffering from spasms.

Hot Water Bed

Sleeping on a hot water bed can prove to be immensely beneficial, particularly if you have backache. People suffering from rheumatism or arthritis are best benefited from these beds. Water is effective in stimulating the circulatory system and increase the flow of blood. You will definitely enjoy the relief after a night’s sleep on a hot water bed. Moreover, you can adjust the degree of warmth as per your level of comfort. Water beds and water mattresses are available in the market and they can accommodate two people. In case you are suffering from pain in the muscles, you can have a word with your physician and buy a waterbed. These beds come with vinyl mattresses, which increases the level of hygiene. These are clean and provide an optimum level of comfort when you control the temperature perfectly.

Essential Oils

essential oil pain killer

A number of natural oils can be used as best alternative painkillers. These include Zandoo oil, Pepper mint oil, Axe oil Eucalyptus oil, Orthofit oil and so on. These are being used for thousands of years to treat pain. These natural treatments are a part of the Ayurvedic recommendations and are extensively used all over the world to get rid of aches. Another important oil comes from evening primrose. It has Gama linolenic acid and fatty acids in its contents, which can deliver quick relief from pain. It also has a positive effect in balancing the hormones, acting as efficient painkiller alternatives. Arnica oil is equally beneficial in treating pain. This is most effective when you bump a joint or bone against a hard object. You can also apply this on swells, but make sure not to use it in case of cuts and bruises.


physiotherapy for pain relief

Physiotherapy is used to treat stiff joints and remove the pain. This is done primarily by experienced professionals. The muscles are manipulated and mobilized by the experts in order to get rid of pain. It includes a number of processes of treatment, including cold therapy and heat therapy. The approach to this therapy is a bit more professional, where the experts examine the cause of the pain and diagnose the patient first. The muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons are treated to remove pain from these areas.

With these natural painkiller alternatives, you may not have to opt for painkillers. Painkillers have a certain negative impact on health. Try out any of these natural pain relief methods to get respite from pain and beat painkiller addiction.