How To Use Pumpkin Seeds For Overactive Bladder?

Pumpkin Seeds For Overactive Bladder

Pumpkin seeds have many advantages. When taken regularly they add to overall health. Studies have found that using pumpkin seeds for overactive bladder is one natural way to treat the condition.

What Is An Overactive Bladder (OAB)?

It is a condition that combines symptoms such as urinating frequently, an urgency to treat urine, leakage, and urinating at night. If you have one or multiple of these symptoms it can be an overactive bladder. This condition causes a negative impact on life especially if one has an overactive bladder at night.

Causes Of Overactive Bladder

Several things cause this condition. At times, no specific reason also leads to this condition. However, below are the major causes.

1. Weak Pelvic Muscles

Pregnancy and delivery cause weak and stretched pelvic muscles leading to this condition. With such muscles, the bladder sags out and leads to leakages.

2. Nerve Damage

Occasionally signals are dispatched to the bladder and brain to clear at the incorrect time. Diseases and trauma cause this condition. Such conditions include pelvic or back surgery, herniated disc, radiation, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

3. Medicines, Alcohol, And Caffeine

All these materials weaken the nerves thereby affecting the brain’s signal. This may cause an overflow of the bladder. Caffeine and diuretics may even cause the bladder to fill quickly and leak possibly. Caffeine and carbonated drinks shouldn’t be given often to children as they are one of the causes of overactive bladder in children.

4. Infection

Infections such as a urinary tract infection can infuriate the bladder nerves and lead to a bladder squeeze without alert. Excess weight and estrogen deficiency after menopause may also cause this condition. The latter is one of the main causes of overactive bladder in women.

Can We Use Pumpkin Seeds For An Overactive Bladder?

Pumpkin seed is a widespread natural therapy for OAB. According to a recently trusted study, pumpkin seed oil is a capable material to treat or stop symptoms of OAB and other kinds of urinary disorders. Researchers are probing into pumpkin seed oil, seeds, extract, and more from pumpkin to treat OAB.

How To Use Pumpkin Seeds For Overactive Bladder?

Pumpkin for ages has been revered as one useful natural remedy for many health issues including overactive bladder. The seed and extract of pumpkin have found new support to be used to treat OAB and other urinary tract infections.

You can use pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil in a capsule form, and pumpkin seed extract to answer different bladder-related conditions like an overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, too many night trips to the bathroom, and bladder spasm.

Try adding pumpkin seed oil to the diet in the kind of a capsule or as a palatable oil for salad dressings, etc. A normal dose is 1 to 3 1,000 mg capsules a day.

For the greatest healing, you will need pumpkin seed extract. However, ask your doctor regarding how you should use it to effectively treat your condition.

Other Natural Tips For Overactive Bladder

Apart from pumpkin seeds, there are many natural tips to treat an overactive bladder such as;

  • Using magnesium hydroxide supplements is one natural way to treat the condition.
  • Taking 115 milligrams of L-arginine daily in any form is also aidful to treat the condition.
  • Cleavers, a kind of climbing plant is also a good tonic for urinary health conditions such as OAB. The diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties in them cure OAB.
  • Other herbs such as gosha-jinki-gan, corn silk, capsaicin, and kohki tea are also useful to treat OAB.
  • The other natural treatment options include mind and body approaches which include guided imagery, biofeedback, acupuncture, and behavioral therapy such as meditation and hypnotherapy.

When To See A Doctor?

When you notice symptoms of OAB too much such as an urgent and intense need to urinate, too often unintentional loss of urine, frequent urination, waking up more than one time a night for using the bathroom you should meet your doctor.

One should also see a doctor if one experiences severe OAB symptoms such as fever, pain, fatigue, and blood. Meet a doctor in case you see signs of OAB and these severe signs immediately without delay.

Overactive bladder is the result of many factors first try to know the root cause to cure OAB to the root.


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