Safe Natural Remedies for Vaginitis that you can try

Natural Remedies for Leucorrhoea

Women get afflicted with certain physical conditions and disorders that they may feel uncomfortable about. One such instance is Leucorrhoea which is also called vaginitis. Naturally, the vagina in a matured female body secretes white liquid and it is not abnormal. It starts when a girl reaches puberty and also in adolescence period. It is nature’s own way to keep the female reproductive organ lubricated and healthy. This goes on until a woman reaches the stage called menopause- more or less. However, Leucorrhoea can be quite troublesome which affects the vagina.

Nuances of Leucorrhoea

When you find that vaginal discharge has become stinky and the color has intensified it could be a sign of Leucorrhoea. The frequency may also be increased. In severe cases of infection, there can be accompanying fever. Occasional pain while urinating can also be felt by some women.

It Can be Caused by Factors Like:

Ways to Get Rid of Leucorrhoea Naturally

Of course, you can visit a doctor when the signs of leucorrhoea become apparent. However, this can also be treated with a number of home remedies. Below listed are some tried and tested measures that can be used for treating this condition.


Amla for Vaginitis

It is also called Indian gooseberry. You can try amla for leucorrhoea treatment. Take amla powder and honey and form a paste. Take it two times per day. Try this for a month or so.


Pomegranate for Vaginitis

It is among major natural remedies for Leucorrhoea. The fruit can also be consumed as juice, but make sure the juice is made at home to get maximum benefits.


Ginger for Vaginitis

A common place kitchen herb, it brings relief from many health conditions in humans. Ginger is also effective for treating leucorrhoea. You can use dry ginger powder. You may mix this with herbal tea and drink everyday for relief.


Banana for Vaginitis

Banana is laden with potassium and many other nutrients and it is also effective for treating vaginal problems like leucorrhoea.

Basil (tulsi):

Basil is a herb that has been used since ages to cure many human ailments and you may also use it to treat vaginal anomalies. Use refresh basil leaves and crush to extract juice, Mix it with honey and eat a few spoonfuls of the mixture every day.

Basil for Vaginitis

Rice Starch:

You can use rice starch to treat vaginitis as well. Boil rice and set aside the strained water. When it is cool, drink it in small amounts every day.


Fenugreek for Vaginitis

Using fenugreek is an option when you want to get rid of vaginitis naturally. You will need to soak some fenugreek seeds in water for a night. In the morning, strain the water and mix a dash of honey. Drink it every day to get relief.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil for Vaginitis

Coconut oil has proven antibacterial properties and it also soothes skin. So, you can use it as one of the natural cures for vaginitis. Use some organic coconut oil to treat this condition. Apply it on and around vagina everyday.


Margosa or neem is a plant that has strong anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. You can use it to treat vaginitis safely. Make a paste of neem leaves and water. Apply it on the area around vagina. Wash with lukewarm water.

Margosa for Vaginitis

What Else You Need To Do

While these natural remedies may help you cope better with vaginal infection or leucorrhoea, you should adopt some lifestyle changes for better results. These are:

  • Eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in meals and breakfast every day.
  • Eating yogurt and probiotic can also help your body stave off vagina infection from inside.
  • Evading too much caffeine laced drinks, white sugar snacks and fried foods.
  • Fasting is also helpful for women afflicted with this condition. A dry fast followed by a diet of liquid and juice can be of help.

Vaginitis is not a disease or something you should feel ashamed of.Try these home remedies for relief from symptoms that accompany the condition. If vaginitis persists even after trying natural remedies, it is time you get in touch with top ayurveda specialists in Delhi.