13 Self-Care Tips For Diabetics During Covid-19

Self-Care Tips For Diabetics During Covid-19

Are you a caretaker of some diabetic or yourself diabetic? Then you must be very worried and curious to know if COVID is an extra threat for yourself. This article is for you to go through and understand in detail, the self-care tips for diabetes during COVID-19. This is furthermore important for you to know if you're in COVID hot zone.

Although you're super cautious and practicing very safely it is about this period that you feel more anxious about many questions. It’s fine to be so much concerned about all those unknowns and what-ifs with the severely contagious coronavirus around. So, it’s time that we get on and know as much as possible about COVID and Diabetes.

Covid-19 Infection

Let’s understand a bit more of what COVID is and what diabetes is and COVID impact on Diabetic individuals. COVID-19, caused by a coronavirus, is the most severe situation the whole world is facing now. First discovered in 2019, this disease is observed to transmit between both humans and animals. The severity of the disease varies from as low as common flu to as severe as death.

Diabetes is of 2 stages, type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreatic cells which are the source of insulin are attacked by the immune system and in this case, the patient has to take insulin daily. In type 2 diabetes cases, the body either won't make enough insulin or can't use the produced insulin properly and this is a common form of diabetes.

Now, let’s understand the risk of COVID in diabetic people. Ether types of diabetes increase the risk of coronavirus contraction. It is so far observed that COVID individuals with diabetes are observed to have more complications and even death rates. The reasons why diabetics are at higher risk are;

  • In diabetics, as the immune system fails to function properly, the body can't control the spread of any pathogens that attack the body. This makes them more susceptible to infections thus turning the situation worse.
  • It is also observed that some diabetics have their circulatory system damaged which will slow down the healing process.

The death rate is higher in diabetic patients compared to non-diabetics due to the various complications involved while giving the treatment. With COVID around, everything has changed and the diabetics are facing more challenges in taking self-care and in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the normal range.

Self-care Tips For Diabetic People During Covid-19

You might have missed some appointments with your doctor and are in the quest of what to do and how to do it at this point in time for safe health. So, it’s always better to get in touch with your physician for a plan that’s personalized to suit your situation. We bring you some guidance on self-care tips for diabetes during COVID-19. Here is all that listed for you;

1. Check If There Is Any Need For The A1C Test

Unlike your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) test that you take multiple times a day to know your blood glucose values, this test measures the blood glucose levels by taking the average of the sugar levels for the last three months. The higher average value indicates the higher blood sugar levels. Your doctor will decide on further medication based on the reports.

2. If Possible, Try To Take Other Preventive Screenings

Apart from the regular CGM, periodic A1C test, there are few other tests like kidney disease tests, etc., that doctors prescribe for diabetics. If you haven't taken any such tests since the pandemic then you're supposed to take a test and check the reports with your doctor.

3. Consult A Dentist For Any Signs Of Gum Disease

You must consult the dentist if you are having any signs or suffering from any kind of gum disease.

4. Regularly Check Your Feet

Diabetes has the chance of developing neuropathy or leg and foot nerve damage. Numbness and tingling feelings are the symptoms. Of any such observations, check with your doctor for a direct appointment or if a virtual appointment will serve the need.

  • Also, consider the need for an eye examination.
  • Get the COVID vaccine at the earliest possible as it’s the best way to end this pandemic.
  • Stock up on medicine and insulin.
  • Never take chances and follow the CDC guideline perfectly.
  • Be sure to maintain a healthy diet plan, stay hydrated, and a perfect daily routine.
  • Work on boosting your immunity.
  • Mental health has great chances of doing the magic and so stay strong.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Limit your salt, fat, and sugar intake and also watch your fiber diet.

When To See A Doctor

Whether it is to deal with COVID or not but as a diabetic which is very tricky and brings complications, it’s always better to stay informed, be prepared and always be sure to have a helping hand for support in need. Following the self-care tips for diabetes during COVID-19 will help you to stay safe and prevent situations from turning worse.

With diabetes, never take chances. If you feel sick immediately make at least a virtual consultation with your doctor or a direct appointment if possible. Be sure to have the info about the blood sugar levels, medication being practiced, any symptoms mild or severe, etc.


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