Why Should You Consume Clove Tea?

clove tea benefits

Cloves or more fondly called lavang in India, are the healthiest spices in the group. Used extensively in toothpastes, pain killers, dental drugs, mouthwashes, perfumes, foods and soaps, cloves are a powerhouse of healing properties. Vitamin C, dietary fibre, manganese, omega 3 fatty acids, flavonoids and anti-oxidants are available in plenty in cloves. Regular consumption of cloves or tea made out of cloves is highly beneficial to the teeth and gums. This is one reason why clove oil is recommended to people with cavities and food sensitivity. The presence of a compound named Eugenol gives the special aroma and flavour to a clove pod. Eugenol is responsible for killing germs and reducing inflammation, thereby improving blood flow and keeping the body healthy.

Clove tea, an extract of cloves is slowly gaining popularity as a health drink and eugenol takes the major credit for its goodness. Let’s see how clove tea consumption can help your body.

1. Treats toothache and bad breath – Ailments related to the teeth can be extremely painful. Gum inflammation, teeth sensitivity, cavities and other disorders can all be treated effectively with clove tea. Eugenol works very well in healing the teeth. Those suffering from bad breath can trust cloves to heal them. The strong flavour and aroma of the pods cleanses teeth and gums and kills odour causing bacteria. One cup of clove tea everyday will result in healthy teeth and fewer dental bills.

2. Mood enhancer – All of us experience bad moods and fatigue overcomes us after a long day. Sipping on a cup of warm clove tea is said to fight bad mood, tiredness and fatigue by releasing serotonin, the good mood enhancing hormone. Many scientists have lauded clove tea for the same reason. The sheer aroma of this tea kicks out exhaustion and refreshes you.

3. Fights teen troubles – Every teenager’s biggest problem is a sudden rush of hormones and tiny acne all over the face and neck. No beauty treatments, home remedies, medications or exercise will reduce the number or the frequency of pimples appearing on the face. Clove tea or oil can help. Cloves are superb blood purifiers and antibacterial agents. When applied externally on the skin or consumed, the extract of cloves works well on acne. Gulp down a hot cup of clove tea first thing in the morning and see acne disappearing slowly.

4. Cure insomnia – Sleep disorders are quite common for people of all age groups. Many of them are usually insomniacs. They just cannot sleep. Stress, exhaustion and work pressure are the main culprits behind sleeplessness. Clove tea can help induce sleep by releasing sleep hormones and battling stress and tiredness. Make some cold clove tea and consume it an hour before bedtime to have a good night’s sleep.

5. Helps labour – Strong clove tea treats muscle spasms and cramps and provides instant relief from body aches too. Since many centuries, clove oil and tea are used by pregnant women to help during child birth. Uterine contractions are painful and they cannot be eased. Warm cup of clove tea or clove oil compress during labour can smoothen the process and reduce the stress on the mother.

How to Make Clove Tea

  • Buy tender and fresh cloves for making clove tea. When you crush the top bud of the clove with your fingers, oil should ooze out. This indicates the tenderness of cloves.
  • Slowly and lightly crush the cloves with a mortar and pestle. Do not use a blender.
  • Boil water in a bowl and add the crushed clove powder when the water is just about to reach the saturation point. Let the cloves boil along with the water.
  • When the water starts to thicken, switch off the flame and let the tea cool.
  • Filter the cloves and add palm sugar or honey to the extract to enhance the flavour. Consume the tea either warm or cold.