10 Tips to Keep You Healthy While Travelling

10 Tips to keep you healthy while travelling

Travelling can be exciting and fun. However, if your health fails while travelling, it can be a miserable experience. Hence, we have some tips to keep yourself healthy while travelling. If you follow these tips, you definitely will always be suitcase-ready to go anywhere hale and hearty!

1. Keeps Colds and Flus at Bay

One of the worst travels would be one with cold and cough. To avoid these common infections, it is best to strengthen your immune system by eating healthy food, like fruits and vegetables, and avoiding too cold or hot food. In addition, maintaining your sleep schedule and have probiotics to boost good health.

2. Maintain Distance from Sneezing and Coughing People

This may be a tough one to follow while travelling, but as far as possible, stay away from people you see sniffling and coughing. When people sneeze and cough, they release their germs into the air. If you happen to be in the vicinity, you can inhale the pathogens and get the same infection.

3. Use Hand Sanitizer Frequently

Use a sanitizer with 50 percent alcohol content when travelling. Airplane seats, doors, public bathrooms, restaurant tables and chairs, and security checks are places that everyone touches. Hence, they are filled with germs that can lead to diarrhoea, colds, coughs and other infections. So, sanitize your hands each time you touch anything outside while travelling, especially before having meals.

4. Avoid Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses leave your eyes dry and increase the chances of contracting infections. So, it is best to avoid contact lenses and resort to using your good old prescription glasses. Ensure you wash your eyes frequently with cold water and in case of itching, avoid rubbing your eyes.

5. Drink Only Bottled Water

Buy bottled water before embarking on your journey. Regardless of how you are travelling, be it by train, plane or road, drink just bottled water. People, who travel often, are vulnerable to catching waterborne bacterial infections. Even washing mouth, gargling and splashing water on the face during the travel should be done using just bottled water.

6. Wear Socks Throughout the Journey

Socks help in preventing fungal infections of the feet, which you can contract from public toilets and bathrooms, including hotel rooms and bathrooms. Always dry your feet well before wearing the socks. Remember, this simple preventive measure will stop the infection from transferring to your hands. Should this happen, you could end up with a stomach ailment or some other infection, which definitely is a big no-no while travelling.

7. Don’t Eat Too Much

While travelling, stomach problems are a major concern. So avoid overeating. Also, don’t eat heavy meals. Refrain from consuming fresh fruit juices and eating veggies, like potatoes and broccoli, which are known to cause flatulence and other gastric issues. Stay away from fast food as well. Instead, look to consume small meals every few hours to enjoy easy and trouble-free digestion.

8. Hydrate Your Skin

It is very important to keep hydrating your skin at regular interval of time, especially during summer season. You should always drink lots of water while travelling to flush out toxins that you may have managed to accumulate in your body. Other than that, use some refreshing spray on your skin every time you feel tired.

9. Keep Moving

It is best to keep moving your body instead of staying in one position for long. This will prevent your nerves and muscles from unnecessary strain. You can exercise your hands and neck while sitting; and if you are flying long-haul, take frequent loo breaks to keep moving your legs.

10. Always Carry Chewing Gum or Lemon Flavoured Toffees

If you feel nauseous while travelling, it is best to carry some lemon flavoured toffees or sugar-free chewing gums. Sucking the toffee or chewing the gum will keep nausea at bay.