Caffeine- Are You Addicted?

Are you addicted to Caffeine

Imagine starting your day without a hot cup of coffee! Not even in the wildest of dreams, we would ever think of a day sans the life-saving coffee cup. Coffee, whose main component is its aromatic caffeine, is an excellent hot beverage when it comes to boosting metabolism, increasing alertness and fighting sleep during the day. Health experts also promote coffee for its proven health benefits. Health-conscious people prefer black coffee, the same beverage without milk and sugar. Apart from coffee beans, caffeine is also commonly found in carbonated drinks, tea, chocolate and energy drinks.

On the flip side, too much caffeine can pose a great risk to the brain and its functioning. More than four cups of filtered coffee or 500ml of caffeine-loaded beverages can lead to migraines, dizziness, hallucinations, stomach cramps, indigestion and diseases of the liver. Carbonated drinks are stuffed with artificial flavours and caffeine to arouse a feeling of alertness in a person. Even chocolate too was found to contain the same ingredient and hence the special taste. Healthcare providers only suggest that caffeine is good as long as it is limited. Excess can be very harmful to the body and in severe cases, it might lead to death too.

Recent studies have concluded that caffeine can be dangerous for a developing foetus too if the pregnant mother consumed more than one cup of coffee or tea in a day. This sleep fighting ingredient was found to meddle with the body clocks of babies and disturb their sleep cycles. Lactating women usually consume more amounts of coffee as they believe coffee would help them produce more milk. On the contrary, it made mothers and babies lethargic and giddy.

If you are a great fan of freshly brewed coffee, here are a few symptoms of coffee overdose you should watch out for. It might seem normal to you but in reality, you are addicted to it;

  • Restlessness, jittery feeling
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea and sickness
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness and being light-headed
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps, uneasiness
  • Headache

After a few cups of your favourite coffee or a cold caffeine loaded beverage, if you experience any of these symptoms, it is high time you consult a health specialist and get rid of the addiction.

When limited consciously, let's a look at the amazing health benefits caffeine has for you and your body;

1. Cuts Down Risk Of Diabetes

People who consumed coffee regularly all through their teens and adulthood had a lesser risk of developing diabetes. Consuming coffee after contracting diabetes can be very harmful.

2. Less Risk Of Brain Disorders

Since caffeine plays a key role in keeping the brain active, memory loss and brain numbness were less prevalent in coffee consumers. The highly dreaded Alzheimer's too can be prevented by consuming coffee on a regular basis.

3. Fights Laziness

The flavonoids and antioxidants in caffeine work very well when they are absorbed into the bloodstream. People struggling with laziness and sleepiness during the day can jumpstart their metabolism with a cup of hot coffee. If you are gearing up for a long day of work, enjoy a cup before you leave home.

4. Beat Migraine

Coffee or tea can prevent migraine when you consume caffeine as the symptoms of migraine appear. Instead of having hot coffee after the headache sets in, try beating it as soon as you spot the first symptom. Caffeine clears the tightness in the head and facilitates the smooth passage of blood from and to the brain.